Wheelchair lift in Syracuse, Ithaca, NY and Morgantown, WV

Enjoy freedom and independence with a wheelchair lift

Are you in search of a company that offers a wide range of best quality wheelchair lifts and at the best prices then look no further. We at Access Elevator offer these lifts in different makes and models and different price ranges to cater the different needs of our customers. Besides, we can also offer you a custom designed wheelchair lift as per your needs and specifications. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Ithaca, NY, Morgantown, WV, Rochester and Syracuse.

The different benefits of using wheelchair lifts

  • Easy to use- First and foremost, these lifts are quite easy to use. It is an ideal choice for a paralyzed or disabled person as he or his caregiver can use it easily
  • Gives freedom- these lifts can be fitted on a car as well. This will allow a handicap person a transportation medium which will provide them a sense of independence. The wheelchair bound individual with the help of these lifts can freely move and get around
  • Add value to a home- by installing these lifts one can increase the value of their home. And if they plan to sell their home in the future, certainly there will be buyers looking in accommodating their dear ones that have disabilities.
  • A good business investment- in case of a business owner, to install such lifts in the main office indeed will be a smart decision. This will enable them in accommodating their prospective customers or clients and investors or business partners who utilize a wheelchair. In fact, to make the business handicapped accessible will show the owner’s concern for the requirements of people with this condition and this will work wonders in strengthening their business relationships

If you wish to install these lifts contact us right away.

Stairway lifts in Buffalo, Syracuse, NY and Morgantown, WV

Stairway lifts can remove access problems posed by stairs

If you face mobility issues such as difficulties navigating a flight of stairs, then you should consider a stairway lift. Stairways lifts or stair lifts have helped countless people solve mobility issues in their homes. If it is difficult, dangerous or impossible for you to walk up or down a flight of stair is your home, then a mobility solutions company such as Access Elevator can help. They supply and install stairway lifts in Morgantown WV and Pittsburgh.

Any Stannah authorized dealer can help you with a stair chair solution for straight stairs as well as curved stairs. They simply attach a rail or track to your staircase. The stair chair then glides along the track, taking you up a level or down a level. The shape, size or angle of your staircase does not matter much. You get stairway lifts for all types stairs; narrow staircases, wide staircases, straight stairs, curved stairs and even stairs with intermediate landings.

You don’t have to be restricted to the ground level of your home. A stair chair can give you back the freedom of movement in your home. Now you can access any level in your home with ease, safety and confidence. Stairway lifts have built-in safety features such as battery power, obstruction sensors, seat bel, safety brakes and end of track auto stop.

Stairway lifts have remote controls which means you can send them up or call them down. They are also compact and can be folded up when not in use. They come in different designs and styles, from basic to luxury so you are sure to find one that matches the décor of your home.

So if you want to regain freedom of movement and access in your home, then one of the stairway lifts at Access Elevator has your name on it.


Chair lifts in Syracuse, Rochester, NY and Pittsburgh, PA

Chair lifts give countless people access to all levels in their homes

A Staircase can be an obstacle if you have mobility problems. In life most obstacles can be overcome. Chair lifts help countless overcome access problems presented by staircases. If you have difficulty moving from one floor or level to another then you might want to consider a chair lift. Access Elevators is mobility and access solutions company and they can help you with chair lifts in Morgantown WV or Pittsburgh.

Chair lifts are also called stair lifts, stair chairs and stair glides. It does not really matter what you call them. What matters is what a chair lift can do for you. A stair chair can give you back the freedom of movement in your multi-level home. You don’t have to move to another house simply because you are unable to safely or easily navigate a flight of stairs. A chair lift can solve your problem.

Chair lifts are chairs that glide along a track attached to a staircase. You simply get into the chair and press a button. Your stair chair with then transport you from one level in your home to another. Now you don’t have to only have straight stairs. Straight stairs are also fine, but it does not matter whether you have straight stairs or curved stairs. The track can be fitted to just about any staircase, even stairs with intermediate landings.

Stannah is a leading name in chair lifts and they manufacture a variety of stair chairs. That means you get entry level chair lifts and fancy upmarket chair lifts. You get stair chairs for indoor use and you get stair chairs for outdoor use. You get chair lifts for straight stairs and you get chair lifts for curved. So it does not matter whether you have a tight or what the configuration of your stair case is, there is a chair lift that is right for you and your home.



Vacuum elevator in Buffalo, Ithaca, NY and Morgantown, WV

Interesting facts about a vacuum elevator

The most modern and advanced technology has come up with a new form of elevator which does not need exorbitant costs, constant maintenance or heavy construction. This is none other than the vacuum elevators. It has been specially designed to offer you the complete vertical mobility which you require with less hassle compared to the standard or traditional lift solution. We at Access Elevator offer vacuum elevators of different makes and models. This new technology is the perfect option to install at home as it offers a lot of benefits. People residing in and around Ithaca, NY, and Morgantown, WV can make the most of our elevators.

Why choose vacuum elevators over traditional lifts?

  • Scope and size- it is self-supporting and need minimal space. There will be no requirement to dramatically remodel the home, no heavy equipment and no additional machine room. The best part is it will offer the utmost utility with minimal footprint
  • Minimal maintenance- these elevators do not demand frequent maintenance and/or storing hazardous chemicals. It will require attention once every 15,000 rides or 4-5 years. This form of durability or consistency is not available in case of a traditional lift. Further, the maintenance that these elevators needs is merely a prompt replacement of the key seal and nothing fancy/complicated
  • Flexibility and quick setup- the installation of these elevators will be completed with 2-3 days. For instance, if you wish to sell your property in the future and shift to another location, your elevator can be uninstalled as well as relocated easily. Hence this form of an elevator truly is an investment which need not necessarily require being static. Above all it will boost up the home’s resale value as well

Every elevator that we offer has been designed for capitalizing on the finest design and the best technology accessible to offer you with a safe, efficient and attractive lift solution. To know more or if you have any queries give us a call or drop us a mail.



Elevators in Pittsburgh, PA, Rochester and Syracuse, NY

Why elevators for churches has turned into a necessity?

An elevator in today’s age practically speaking has turned into a necessity for a church which has many floors. The church elevators are extremely helpful for senior citizens that cannot go up and down the stairs for reaching the area of worship. Also, these elevators can be utilized for transporting furniture, carts and other forms of heavy items to a building’s lower or upper floors. In fact, having such elevators installed can prove beneficial for a church in ways untold. If you are in search of such elevators for churches, then call us at Access Elevator right away. The areas that we serve include Ithaca, NY, Morgantown WV and Syracuse NY.

How church elevators can help?

Below are some ways in which church elevators can prove beneficial. These include,

  • Reliability- church officials naturally desire to buy a reliable elevator which will work perfectly at all times. After all they wish the church members and the visitors alike to feel comfortable when they enter the elevator car for traveling to another floor. Every church elevator that we offer is reliable which means dependable transportation both of people and supplies is guaranteed.
  • The right design- There are some churches which have limited space while others offer a good space for the installation of an elevator. Considering this we offer a variety of choices to help you choose a model that is perfect for your building ranging from in-ground hydraulic elevator to a holeless hydraulic elevator
  • The appropriate capacity- Different churches will have various kinds of needs with regards to choosing an elevator. We offer both high and low capacity elevators
  • Follow-up service- while buying a church elevator you will obviously want to join hands with a company which can offer maintenance. Not surprisingly, an elevator will require maintenance service from time to time to operate in an efficient and safe way. We have a team comprising of skilled and professional technicians who can do the needful and keep the elevator in tip-top condition

To know more get in touch with us right away to discover what our team can do when it comes to your congregation.


Stair lifts in Syracuse, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, WV

Stair lifts will give you easy access to all floors in your multi-level home

Many people live in multi-level homes and many of them face mobility issues. If you are one of them there is a cost effective solution in the form of stair lifts. You don’t need to move home simply because navigating a flight of stairs has become difficult, dangerous or even impossible. If you need a stair chair in Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse then Access Elevator can help. They are authorised distributors and installers of Stannah stair lifts and they can help solve your mobility problems.

You should not be in a situation where you cannot access all the levels in your home simply because a flight of stairs presents an obstacle. Stair lifts (a.k.a. stair chairs and chair lifts) will enable you to move effortlessly from one level your home to another. That is because a stairlift glides along a track that is attached to your stair case. Now you might think that won’t work for you because you have curved stairs, spiral stairs, narrow stairs or stairs with intermediate landings. Well the team at Access have been known to say that they still need to meet a stair case to which they cannot attach one of their stair lifts.

So you get stair lifts for straight stairs, chair lifts for curved stairs, stair chairs for spiral stairs and even stair lifts for stairs with landings. You also get stair lifts specifically designed for outdoor use. So there is no reason why you should have to battle when you want to move from one floor in your home to another.

Stair lifts are also very easy to operate and they are very safe. They also battery operated so you won’t be stuck when the power is out. And if you have a fancy home you can get a stair lift with fancy design and finishes to match. And best part is it only takes the expert installers from Access a couple of hours to install your chair lift.




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Come tour Pittsburgh Magazine’s ULTIMATE HOUSE presented by Peoples Gas!

Experience this spectacular $3.4 million dollar Strip District home that represents a break-through concept in city living. Three levels of luxury including an elevator, floating staircase, three gas fireplaces, industrial-grade kitchen, magnificent two-car garage and private outdoor kitchen and living space.

Tours are open to the public for six days only. Get your tickets before they’re gone! All tour proceeds benefit the Free Care Fund of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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Chair lifts in Morgantown, WV, Pittsburgh, PA, Syracuse, NY

Chairlifts for all types of stairs and homes

They are known by different names such as chairlifts, stair chairs, stairlift, stair glides and more, but they all refer to a mobility system attached to your staircase. Chairlifts make it easy for you to move between different levels of your home. If you need a chair lift in Rochester, or stair chair in Syracuse, then Access Elevator can help. They are mobility and access specialists and can help you with the right solution for your home and your situation.

There are different typed and models of chairlifts, but you don’t need to look much further than the Stannah range of stairlifts. Maybe you have a fancy home and want a fancy chair lift too match or maybe you just want an entry level model to get you from downstairs to upstairs or vice versa. Even if you have curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landing, there is a mobility solution for you.

For example, the Stannah Starla is a premium stair chair that offers comfort combined with style and enhanced safety features. You can also choose from different fabrics, colors and finishes to match the décor of your home.

Of course the most important function a stair chair is to help you get up or down a flight of stairs. Freedom of movement within your home is important and it can be very frustrating if due to some handicap you are not able to navigate a flight of stairs. However, a chair lift can solve that problem for you. You don’t need to sell your house or invest in structural changes. Chairlifts glide along tracks attached to staircases. The system is easy to install and you don’t need major building alterations.

Even if you don’t currently have a mobility problem a chairlift is still a good investment. You never know what can happen in the future and if you should need one then it is already there.





Access Elevator is involved for the second year in a row in Pittsburgh’s Ultimate House.

Access Elevator Sponsors Pittsburgh Magazine’s Ultimate House

The concept of corporate responsibility has been gaining more and more traction over recent years. As we all know, companies are in business to make profits, but they can also make a difference in the communities they serve. Our company, Access Elevator, is a leading provider of stairlifts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we also sell and install top quality home elevators in Pittsburgh. We have been able to enjoy a good bit of success over the years, and we are in a position to give something back to the Pittsburgh community. We are always looking for opportunities to pitch in when charitable efforts are underway. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we are a co-sponsor of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2016 Ultimate House initiative. We were also involved in 2015, and we jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand once again. image010 (1) image011 (1)

Here is how the Ultimate House project works. Pittsburgh Magazine endeavors to determine the building project that can best be described as the “ultimate house,” a home that is so extraordinary people would want to tour it. This year, the magazine named the 2500 Smallman development as the ultimate house of 2016. The project was a transformative one that turned an aging warehouse into eleven separate city homes, but these are not ordinary places of residence. We are talking about the lap of luxury at 2500 Smallman. Totally state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, sustainable concepts were used on this renewal project, so residents enjoy a decidedly modern, upscale lifestyle. Pure excellence on every level is something that would certainly be expected when you consider the fact that these are multimillion dollar homes.

Since the homes on 2500 Smallman are architectural marvels that many people would love to see, there is a fundraising opportunity there, and that’s where the Ultimate House project comes in. Starting on September 9th, tours of the 2016 Ultimate House will be offered, and they will continue through September 18th. Proceeds from the tours are going to assist a very good cause. The beneficiary of the project is the The Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. Last year, the Ultimate House generated over $100,000 for the hospital.

Our valued customers make our participation in projects like this one possible. If you are looking for stair lifts in Pittsburgh, or home elevators in Pittsburgh, we will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, because we genuinely care about people in this community.

Elevators in Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester and Syracuse, NY

How people can benefit by installing the best elevators?

Lifts help to remove the hassle of walking up countless stairs, thereby saving a person’s wasted energy and time in the process. Although this may be an excellent advantage, but it is not the sole reason why it is considered a great addition to any building. In fact an elevator’s very nature means it is an excellent means of saving space. It is also extremely useful for people suffering from mobility problems or ensuring a hassle-free means of getting heavy or large goods up onto the higher floors. We at Access Elevator offer the widest range of elevators and at the best industry rates. Our service areas include the different parts of Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse.

Ways in which people can benefit by installing an elevator

  • It will help in preventing accidents. In fact the total number of times people hurt them falling down stairs truly is innumerable while the accidents involving an elevator are rare, rather almost unheard of.
  • The perks of installing an elevator are endless and if you have not yet installed them because of concerns such as space or finance, be rest assured these are space saving and within your budget.
  • It will offer old aged people or people with mobility problems the independence as well as freedom of living a respectful and dignified life without having to depend on others
  • It is available in a wide array of models and specifications to cater the variegated needs and budgets of the people

For businesses, using any of our elevator will act as the best means to ensure that guests and employees feel comfortable and at ease while for residences it can overcome the different issues that people residing in it may face. Ultimately, people can benefit all devoid of a single drawback. Hence invest in the best elevator from Access Elevator and live a hassle free life.