Unenclosed Platform Lifts Serving Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Erie, and Surrounding Areas

Access Elevator and Lift platform wheelchair lifts eliminate the barrier that stairs can cause for people with limited mobility. A cost-effective solution, platform lifts create convenient access without compromising architectural character.

Designed for ease of installation, our unenclosed wheelchair lifts are equipped with an “articulating” base and carriage design, allowing the unit to be folded to a width of 21 inches without removal of the carriage.

What makes the Unenclosed Commercial Wheelchair Lift unique and industry leading?

  • USA owned and operated manufacturer
  • Engineered to allow cost effective wheelchair lift repairs
  • Industry leading 4-year warranty
  • ONLY Vertical Wheelchair Lift using the patented A.W.A.R.E. Diagnostics System: Active Wiring, Accessories, Relay & Electronics Diagnosis System (A.W.A.R.E.) is a fully functional on-board diagnostics system to manage and monitor every critical function of the lift. Available only through your local Access Distributor.
  • Classy in appearance, whisper quiet, energy saving, environmentally friendly
  • Unsurpassed in safety precautions
  • Match the style and quality of any home with over 200 optional colors.
  • 1 code-compliant and designed for ease of installation.


    Standard Wheelchair Lift Features:

    • 750 lb capacity
    • Speed: 10 FPM with a 1HP, 115V motor
    • Lifting height: up to 60” for commercial applications and 168” for residential applications
    • Steel constructed with electrostatic, powder-coated finish
    • Self Diagnostic System with Digital Display
    • Constant pressure up/down control switch installed on the platform
    • Constant pressure, elevator-style, hall call control stations provided at each landing

    Optional Enhancements:

    • 230V motor
    • Remote mounted controller
    • ADA phone for both indoor and outdoor models
    • Emergency lights
    • Over 200 Available colors
    • Key switch to lock platform
    • Flip-up ramp
    • Battery back-up

    Safety Features:

    • Nonskid platform surface
    • Obstruction safety panel under platform (when not installed within a runway enclosure)
    • Alarm and emergency stop switch
    • Grab rail
    • Landing interlocks keep door locked when the lift is on another floor
    • Upper final limit

    Platform Sizes:

    36″ W x 48″ D

    36″ W x 54″ D

    36″ W x 60″ D

    42″ W x 60″ D

    Vertical Platform Lift Gate/Door Options:

    42″ platform gate

    42″ landing gate

    80″ landing gate

    Non-fire-rated red oak door

    Fire-rated steel door

    * Available with optional acrylic insert

    ** Also available in other wood choices, by request

    VPC Drive Options:

    • Screw Drive
    • Screw Drive with battery back-up
    • Hydraulic Drive