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Unique by design…

A Stiltz Home Elevator is unique in design and in affordability. This twin post “Stiltz style” elevator uses a small footprint which lends itself to be space effective as well as cost effective.  Finally, an elevator that fits! Developed to make life better when climbing stairs becomes too much. Stiltz is an easy choice when compared to the costs of moving or installing a curved stair way lift.


    From the ground up…

    The Stiltz Home Elevator is designed to be just that an elevator. This is not a wheel chair lift transformed into a Stiltz lift. The twin post beams (often found in commercial elevators) are utilized to incorporate a true elevator winding drum drive system. Having an elevator drive system not only allows for longevity and reliability but also offers speeds up to 36 feet per minute.

    Stiltz Home Elevators

    Safety First…

    The Stiltz Home Elevator features a full-length cab safety curtain, an under-cab safety pan, slack rope safeties and Stiltz safety sensors. The cab features a half height gate and an electromechanical interlock that only allows the door to open when you arrive at your landing. The elevator can even tell you if it is overloaded. Stitz has even incorporated a battery back-up lowering system in case of emergency.

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