8 Signs That Your Curved Stair Lift Needs Maintenance in Erie, Rochester, Buffalo, Ithaca, NY, and Surrounding Areas

Do you have a curved stair lift in your home? If so, you are already aware of the many benefits of curved stair lift technology, such as increased mobility, enhanced safety, and more independence. While curved stair lifts are extremely reliable, durable and add value and convenience to your life, it can be disruptive when your curved stair lift is not working as it should be.

Lady on Curved Stair Lifts on Stairs in Erie, Rochester, Buffalo, Ithaca, NYIf you’re not sure if it is time to have your curved stair lift serviced, check out these common signs that you should call a professional ASAP:

  • Your curved stair lift keeps beeping or making chirping noises.
  • Your curved stair lift stops in the middle of your staircase.
  • You hear an unusual scraping sound when using your curved stair lift.
  • Your curved stair lift has noticeable cracks or broken parts.
  • The covers on your curved stair lift are broken, ratting, or loose.
  • If you see exposed wiring on your curved stair lifts or tracks.
  • If you notice a black or gray dust on worn bushings and fittings.
  • Your curved stair lift stops randomly on the tracks.

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