Stair lift Costs and Prices for Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Erie, and surrounding areas

There are many different names that refer to the same accessibility equipment. Whether you refer to them as a stair ift, stair glide, chair lift, or stair climber, the same question always seems to come up. “How much does a stairlift cost?”

We’ve heard from many customers that they put off getting a stair lift because they heard stair lifts are expensive. When we ask where they got their pricing from, they tell us they asked a friend or did an internet search for “how much does a stair lift cost?”.  Unfortunately, a search for stair lift costs is going to depend on several different factors.

  • What kind of stairway do you have – straight, curved, exterior?
  • The Length of the Stairway – How many steps does the unit need to travel?
  • What type of features would be most beneficial to your particular situation – a power swivel seat, unique colors, retractable rail to remove a tripping hazard, Powered Footrests?
  • Are there special considerations – lifting capacity, wide seats, warranty offered?

As you see, Each Need and installation is unique, it’s hard to give a straight answer to “how much is a stairlift?”.


Access Elevator has been helping people like yourself become mobile since 1969- over 50 years! We are a leader in what we do, and can help you get the project done from start to finish. Our Team can lead you through all steps, beginning with picking the correct accessibility equipment, leading into design, installing the unit, and maintenance throughout the life of the equipment. Our staff is Factory Trained and Certified, so you can rest easy knowing that you have begun a journey with experts in the field.


Straight Stair Lift Costs for Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or Erie

  • Straight Stairlifts can cost from $2,500 – $6,000
  • Free in home estimates
  • For stairways with no curves
  • Optional features will add to costs
  • Prices include installation and 1-year labor warranty.

This type of stair lift is dependable, and fit many different homes.The straight stair lifts sold by Access Elevator come with a have an industry leading warranty on critical components (motor & gearbox), and all other parts are designed to last for decades. Yearly maintenance is recommended because your stairlift is a moving machine and subject to wear and tear.

The most common complaint we get about straight stair lifts is that our customers wish they had done it sooner! A straight stair lift can provide the safety and security of staying in one’s home without the issues of balance, joints, and other mobility challenges. When compared to the costs of selling your house and moving to a one-story home, or moving to assisted living ($3,000-$7,000 per month), the one-time cost for a straight stair lift is far more cost effective


Stair Lifts in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Rochester, and Morgantown, NYStair Lift Rental Costs

  • Stair Lift Rentals can cost between $150 -$300/month
  • A one time installation fee
  • For interior stairwells with no curves, landings, or switchbacks
  • Purchase option available after 6 months
  • Installed quickly

There are several reasons residents may only need a stair lift rental in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Erie, and surrounding areas. Some customers are recovering from surgery such as joint replacement or are hoping for rehabilitation after a stroke. Others may just need one to carry them over while they are waiting to move to another location. And some are making accommodations for a visiting relative.

A stair lift rental is an excellent opportunity to get quick mobility access for you or a loved one’s home. Since rental stair lifts can be installed from existing inventory quickly, it is an excellent option for family members returning from a hospital stay. Generally, stairlift rental is for a minimum of three months. Call us to learn more about stairlift rental options.  


Pre-Owned Stair Lift Costs

  • Preowned stair lifts can cost between $1,000 – $4,000
  • Pricing and features depend on available inventory
  • Refurbished and in excellent condition
  • Prices include installation and 1-year labor warranty.

It’s hard to put an exact price on pre-owned stair lift costs, but you can expect to pay $500 to $1,000 less than the retail price of a new stair lift. One thing we can tell you is that any pre-owned stair lift from Access Elevator will be in excellent condition and go through a thorough inspection before being installed.

Many stairlifts are designed for safe, reliable function over years of being used several times a day. Pre-owned stair lifts are a great way to get the mobility assistance you need at a reduced cost. Inventory does sell out quickly! Keep in mind that this option will not always be available.


Curved Stair Lift Costs

  • Curved stairlifts usually cost $10,000 and up
  • For stairways with curves, landings, or switchbacks
  • Optional features will add to costs
  • Prices include installation and 1-year labor warranty

Curved stair lifts, and custom curved stair lifts, were created for homes with stairwells that include curves, landings, switchbacks, or other configurations other than straight. While the costs are higher than a straight stairlift, keep in mind that they are still cheaper than moving to a one-story home, or moving to assisted living ($3,000-$7,000 per month). A curved stair lift could easier pay for itself for a few months. And being able to stay in the home you love, and age in place is priceless. 

The warranty on curved stairlifts for Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, or Erie is like straight stairlifts – lifetime warranty on critical components (motor, gearbox, and rail) and all other parts were designed to last for decades. We can also help plan out a regular maintenance schedule for your custom curved stairlift.  


Outdoor and Exterior Stair Lift Costs

  • Costs from $5,000 – $8,000 for straight outdoor stairlifts
  • Costs from $12,000 and up for curved outdoor stairlifts
  • For exterior stairwells including straight, curves.
  • Optional features will add to costs
  • Prices include installation and 1-year labor warranty.

Outdoor stairlifts have many different applications –stairs to the home entrance, out to the deck, the garden, and more. Some homeowners feel an exterior stair lift adds to the delight of remaining in their home and enjoying the activities they love. Even homeowners in a one-story home find outdoor stairlifts can be useful to continue their way of life when stairs impede the activities they love.

Outdoor stairlifts come with many different options, even rain covers! We love to see our customers stay active, and for many, it’s the ability to get to their garden, enjoy a pleasant afternoon on the deck or have a family get together enjoying the great weather of summer.


DIY Stair Lift Costs

In this case, DIY means “Don’t Install Yourself.” We say this with the best intentions!

We’ve heard the story before. Someone picked up a stairlift found in their community, online, or the classifieds. All they had to do was maybe transport it and either install it themselves or hire a handyman to install it. Perhaps you even came across one on the internet that advertised the DIY stair lift could be installed easily by the homeowner. We caution homeowners extremely against ever doing this.

First, a stair lift can be more complicated than you think to install. We’re talking about attaching to the stairwell structure that must be placed/secured correctly, connecting electrical components, and more. And you must make sure it is the right size for your staircase.

  • Do you measure from the first step or the floor? – Not all stair lifts fit all stairways!
  • Does it have a warranty? – most used units will not have a warranty once they have been moved or re-installed into a new home without a professional.
  • Who will you call if there are problems? – getting service on a unit that you have installed yourself can be a liability issue for the service people. Many companies will not service DIY situations when it comes to stair lifts.
  • What if you or your loved one get hurt using the improperly installed equipment? – safety is one of the main purposes of getting a stair lift installed in your home. Please don’t jeopardize yourself or your loved one to save a few dollars.

You decided to get a stairlift because you have mobility issues and depend on it for daily living. Let’s make sure it’s a safe, reliable piece of equipment that will last for as long as you are in your home. At Access Elevator, every one of our installations comes with a one-year labor warranty. All our technicians are factory trained and experienced. We provide maintenance, service, and repair and are proud of the work we do for local homeowners.

How to Proceed with Getting Your Stair Lift

We hope you are a little more educated on the features, options, and costs of stair lifts. We love to answer customers’ questions and come to their homes for a free estimate and go over all the different options. We have been in business selling stair lifts and mobility assistance devices in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Jamestown, Erie, and surrounding areas since 1969. We know the area, the types of houses, and most importantly, care about our community.

  1. Contact us to schedule your Free in Home Site Evaluation.
  2. We will come out for an evaluation of the your home and the stairway where you are needing access.
  3. Pick out the different options you want and feel are essential in your stair lift rental or purchase.
  4. Arrange for installation. For some models, it will only take our factory trained mechanics a few hours!

We will make sure you understand your new stair lift’s functions and features, and answer any questions you might have. We will also go over the recommended maintenance and service schedule with you.