Symmetry Elevator - Inset Home Elevator Panel

Inset Home Elevator Panel Serving Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Erie, and Surrounding Areas

Access Elevator features Inset Home Elevator Panels constructed in the USA by Cibes Symmetry. Our Insert Panel style features an affordable coupling of hardwood and veneers adding depth and beauty to your elevator’s interior. Select from Birch, Oak, Maple, Alder, Walnut and more to match the millwork in your home.

Standard Home Elevator Features

  • Up to six stops
  • Two drive system available:
  • In-Line Geared (MRL – Machine Room Less)
  • Roped Hydraulic system
  • Cab sizes from 12 to 18 square feet (available cab size may vary depending on local codes)
  • 7′ interior height with 8′ overhead is standard (8′ interior height with 9′ overhead is optional)
  • Automatic cab lighting
  • 950 lb. capacity
  • Car Operating Panel with push-button operation and LED floor position indicator
  • Hall call stations with call button and car arrival indicator
  • Three year limited parts warranty
  • Two energy saving recessed LED overhead lights with black trim rings
  • Recessed phone box in brushed stainless steel or brushed brass


Elevator Safety Features:

  • In-car alarm button, emergency stop switch and telephone
  • Battery backup – if the power’s out, the lights and alarm are on
  • Uninterrupted power – lower the car and open the gate even in a blackout
  • Slack rope/chain safety device
  • Motor control supply (located in controller)
  • Car light supply (located in control)
  • Upper and lower final limits
  • Car top stop switch
  • Electromechanical hoistway door interlocks (keeps the hoistway door secure)
  • Manual lowering device

Optional Enhancements:

  • One touch automatic operation of hoistway doors and car gate
  • Four recessed LED overhead lights with choice of finish
  • Integrated telephone in car operating panel

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