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    Access Elevator is proud to offer Glass Cab Elevators from Cambridge Elevating.

    Home elevators are growing in popularity all across the country, and Access Elevator is at the forefront of the latest offerings for their customers.

    Rather than hiding your home elevator back in a corner, you can make it a statement piece to your home. A glass cab elevator from Cambridge Elevating will transform your ideas of what a home elevator can be.

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    Glass Cab Elevators: Elegance for All to See

    Whether you are remodeling your home to add an elevator, or you are building from the ground up, having the right home elevator can make all the difference in how you enjoy your home. Having a glass cab elevator in your home provides a way to see your home in unique ways that are otherwise impossible with other elevator cab styles.

    You might take advantage of the amazing views that you have on your property by having a full glass wall in your house where your glass cab elevator can rise up and give you spectacular overviews. This unique elevator cab style can be a defining feature in your house and will change the atmosphere of the entire home.

    These glass cab elevators feature an array of high-quality finishes as well as textures for the home elevator. Whether you like the industrial look and want a stainless-steel finish, or you want a more classic look with the satin black finish, there are many options to choose from to customize the home elevator to match your style and your home.

    Benefits of Cambridge Glass Cab Elevators

    When you are choosing what style of home elevator you want, glass cab elevators should be at the top of your list.

    • A glass cab elevator will match just about any décor in any home because that home’s style literally shows through the glass cab elevator. You get to enjoy your home in a different way while also appreciating a functional device that helps all members of the family.
    • Rather than hiding your home elevator away, you can make it a focal point in your home.
    • It helps to add value to your home as a mobility-friendly option that isn’t available in other homes.
    • And don’t forget that a glass cab elevator helps to allow natural sunlight to filter through your home rather than block it.
    • All of this makes the elevator and the room seem bigger because you can see through the elevator and beyond.

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    Glass Cab Elevators: It’s About Vision

    Cambridge’s Glass Cab option is available on our residential elevator models with highly flexible designs that allow for maximum creativity. We would be glad to consult with you on any upcoming projects, to create a masterpiece of form and function. Discover how Access Elevator & Cambridge Elevating can work with you and your design team to integrate the elevator, as well as any design or custom elements, into your home with ease.

    Glass Cab Features:

    • Bright aluminum extrusion frame, with 6mm laminated glass
    • Stainless steel ceiling panel
    • Stainless steel Car Operating Panel (COP) cover strip, fasteners
      & hardware
    • Optional paint color match
    • 3-Year Limited Factory Parts Warranty

    Car Operating Panel (COP)

    A car operating panel, or COP, is the main control unit for our Cambridge glass cab elevators, here are is a little about these COP’s:

    • Stainless steel COP
    • Dual illuminated hall call station pushbuttons
      and position indicating push buttons on COP
    • Emergency stop switch on COP
    • LED/dot matrix Digital Position Indicator (DPI)
      in car
    • Fully automatic operation
    • Microprocessor controller with relays for basic

    Cambridge Glass Cab Options


    Satin Black


    White PLAM

    Grey PLAM

    Grey RAL – #7047

    White RAL – #9010

    Bronze RAL – #09/60600

    #4 Brushed Stainless Steel

    Glass Options

    Glass Cab

    Custom Painted Mechanical

    Glass Sliding Door

    Visifold Gate

    Call Stations

    Standard Call Station

    Digital Position Indicator Call Station (DPI)

    Hands-Free “Wave” Call Station

    Numeric Keypad Call Station

    Hand Rails

    Handrail 1.5″ Flat

    Handrail 3″ Flat

    Handrail 2″ Dia. Cylinder

    Handrail 1.5″ Flat Curved Ends

    Handrail 3″ Flat Curved Ends

    Handrail 2″ Dia. Cylinder Curved Ends


    Low Voltage LED Lights

    Low Voltage LED Spotlights

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