Wheelchair lift services in Rochester and Syracuse NY

You don’t need to let accessibility problems get the better of you. There are some great solutions for people who suffer from mobility issues. A wheelchair lift is one of them. Wheelchair lifts are designed to overcome everyday architectural barriers and obstacles. Once such a product is a vertical wheelchair lift. The Access wheelchair lift helps you overcome the staircase barrier.


A vertical wheelchair lift can give you the access you need –  at home and at work. Access Elevator specialises in mobility products and solutions and their vertical wheelchair lift is an industry leader.  They supply a range of wheelchair lifts to meet the diverse needs of their customers. One of their mobility experts will advise regarding the best wheelchair lift for your circumstances and preferences.


One of their popular models is the platform lift which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A platform lift offers a cost-effective solution for wheelchair users. This product is easy to install and provides convenient access without breaking the bank or compromising the architectural character of your home. It is also equipped with safety features such as non-skid surface, emergency stop and alarm, grab rails and more.


Another popular option is the shaftway model. The lift platform and drive tower are located within the hoist way and each landing has an integrated door or gate. If you prefer a fully enclosed product, then the VPC-EL platform lift will be of interest. This lift travels up and down inside a self-contained enclosure. Another interesting model is the hybrid wheelchair lift. This product looks like an elevator but operated the same as a wheelchair lift.


Each type of wheelchair lift has its pros and cons and it is always a good idea to get expert advice before making a final decision. The professional team at Access Elevator will be happy to provide you with the advice and mobility solutions you need.