Vertical Platform Lifts vs. Inclined Platform Lifts

If you or a loved one lives in a multi-story home and has limited mobility, then you know that stairs can cause complications when it comes to mobility. However, innovative technology has made it so homeowners with limited mobility don’t have to relocate to enjoy independence in the comfort of their homes.

Platform Lift in Rochester, Pittsburgh, Erie, Ithaca NY, Morgantown NY

Platform lifts are an ideal option for individuals with limited mobility who utilize wheelchairs on a daily basis. Installed with minimal interruption to your daily life, a platform lift can solve home mobility issues and increase your freedom indoors. But if you’re in the market for a platform lift then you need to first decide if you want to purchase a vertical platform lift or an inclined platform lift.

  • Vertical Platform Lift

Vertical platform lifts function just as they sound, with a platform that supports wheelchairs and travels vertically over barriers. With a simple push of a button, the platform secures itself and takes you to the next level–literally! With indoor and outdoor installation, you can enjoy traveling up and down multistory homes without compromising your safety.

  • Inclined Platform Lift

Inclined platform lifts accommodate multi-story homes by using a platform that travels up and down your stairwell diagonally. Gliding over the stairs themselves, incline lifts function similarly to residential stairlifts. If your home doesn’t have enough room to accommodate a vertical platform lift then an incline lift may be the right choice for you.

At Access Elevator we’re dedicated to making your life easier with practical and affordable home mobility technology that allows you to move freely throughout your home without worrying about safety. Carrying a range of different wheelchair lifts including platform lifts and incline lifts, we help you find exactly what you’re looking for at a price you deserve. With over 50 years of experience serving clients in Ithaca NY, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rochester, Erie, and Morgantown NY, our clients trust our expertise when it comes to assisting you in selecting the right home mobility technology. Contact us today to learn more about the lift that’s right for your home!