Vacuum Elevators in Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, and the Surrounding Areas

We all would prefer to stay in the home that we know and love, and there are many options that can allow this to happen. One of these options is a vacuum elevator from Access Elevator which can easily be installed in homes all over Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, and the surrounding areas. No longer do you need to worry about chains and gearing to move a home elevator, instead using air pressure your elevator is smoothly lifted and lowered to the desired floor. When you are ready to look at including this revolutionary home elevator, contact the team at Access Elevator.

How do Vacuum Elevators Work

Lady Standing in Living Room Next to a Vacuum Elevator in Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, ErieVacuum elevators work differently from other home or commercial elevators, yet the way you interact with it remains the same as any other commercial or home elevator. These vacuum elevators create a vacuum above the cab while also increasing the air pressure below the cab. This difference in air pressure is what causes the cab to lift up to the desired floor.

When coming down, this pressure difference is reversed and the cab descends naturally using gravity. Because it doesn’t require a bunch of complicated machinery you can run the elevator off of a normal 220-volt outlet similar to what your clothes dryer uses. There are no oils, lubricants, or other chemicals that could be harmful if exposed to.

Benefits of the Vacuum Elevator

Having a vacuum elevator in your home provides a number of benefits. With a home elevator you no longer have to deal with using the stairs, which can be problematic and cause a host of physical issues and even injuries. Our vacuum elevators also don’t need any maintenance for up to five years, where other home elevator models require at least annual maintenance from day one. Our vacuum elevators also match nearly any décor in Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, Erie, and the surrounding area homes, so it looks more like an art piece rather than an elevator.

Aging in place is a growing concept for older people who want to remain at home, and our vacuum elevators are a great solution to allow full use of the home while increasing safety as well as the value of the home. Contact our team at Access Elevator today to learn more.