Vacuum elevator in Buffalo, Ithaca, NY and Morgantown, WV

Interesting facts about a vacuum elevator

The most modern and advanced technology has come up with a new form of elevator which does not need exorbitant costs, constant maintenance or heavy construction. This is none other than the vacuum elevators. It has been specially designed to offer you the complete vertical mobility which you require with less hassle compared to the standard or traditional lift solution. We at Access Elevator offer vacuum elevators of different makes and models. This new technology is the perfect option to install at home as it offers a lot of benefits. People residing in and around Ithaca, NY, and Morgantown, WV can make the most of our elevators.

Why choose vacuum elevators over traditional lifts?

  • Scope and size- it is self-supporting and need minimal space. There will be no requirement to dramatically remodel the home, no heavy equipment and no additional machine room. The best part is it will offer the utmost utility with minimal footprint
  • Minimal maintenance- these elevators do not demand frequent maintenance and/or storing hazardous chemicals. It will require attention once every 15,000 rides or 4-5 years. This form of durability or consistency is not available in case of a traditional lift. Further, the maintenance that these elevators needs is merely a prompt replacement of the key seal and nothing fancy/complicated
  • Flexibility and quick setup- the installation of these elevators will be completed with 2-3 days. For instance, if you wish to sell your property in the future and shift to another location, your elevator can be uninstalled as well as relocated easily. Hence this form of an elevator truly is an investment which need not necessarily require being static. Above all it will boost up the home’s resale value as well

Every elevator that we offer has been designed for capitalizing on the finest design and the best technology accessible to offer you with a safe, efficient and attractive lift solution. To know more or if you have any queries give us a call or drop us a mail.