Straight Stairlifts in Rochester, Erie, Ithaca, Buffalo, and the Surrounding Areas

Stairs are great because they don’t require any technology to keep working and they can be used anytime that you need. However, for many people, stairs can be a problem, and even end up causing an injury if users aren’t careful.

That’s why homeowners throughout Rochester, Erie, Ithaca, Buffalo, and the surrounding areas are choosing to add straight stairlifts to their homes, and they call the team at Access Elevator to do the installation. If you are having mobility issues with your stairs, give Access Elevator a call to learn more about our straight stairlift options.

Why Add a Straight Stairlift?

Elderly Man on a Straight Stairlift in Rochester, Erie, Ithaca, BuffaloAt first glance, having a stairlift in your home seems like one of those novelty things that you end up using a couple of times a year. But once you have one installed, you quickly realize that a straight stairlift changes how you look at stairs, usually by removing the fear and trepidation you have if you have to climb or descend the stairs under your own power.

Whether it happens from aging, an injury, recovering from surgery, or another issue, a straight stairlift provides an easy way to access all of the levels of your home. And it doesn’t mean that your stairs can’t still be used in the traditional manner either. The footplate of your straight stairlift can be folded up to allow your stairs to still be used normally without taking up much room.

Whether at the top or bottom of your stairs, you can swivel your straight stairlift to make getting into and out of the seat easy and trouble-free. You can even call your straight stairlift to where you are if it is on a different level. This is very handy when more than one person lives in the home and uses the stairlift.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts – Shaftway Lift

Having a straight stair lift installed in your Rochester, Erie, Ithaca, Buffalo, or surrounding area home really means freedom. It means freedom to continue to live at the place you most enjoy. It means freedom to use your home as you desire. It means freedom from being limited while you recover. The team at Access Elevator can evaluate your home’s stairs and provide recommendations on what models would be the best for your situation. Contact us today to learn more about having a straight stairlift installed in your home.