Stiltz Elevator in Buffalo, Erie, Ithaca NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Access Elevator supplies and installs the popular range of Stiltz elevators throughout the country. A Stiltz elevator is a popular and economical alternative to stair lifts and other traditional elevators. You don’t need to move home due to mobility problems when a Stiltz elevator can solve those problems. If you have problems climbing stairs and accessing all levels of your home, then you should consider an affordable Stiltz Elevator. 

When looking for a home elevator there are some important things to consider. These include space and footprint, cost, safety, noisiness and aesthetics. The Stiltz home elevator scores well on all these points. With a small footprint the Stiltz elevator does not require much space. This low-cost elevator is a suitable alternative to other mobility products such as stair chairs and traditional home elevators. All the models in the Stiltz range incorporate important safety features such as safety curtain, safety pan, safety sensors, electromechanical interlock and battery backup. These lifts operate quietly so you will experience virtually zero elevator noise.  

There 3 models in the Stiltz range.  

  • The popular Duo 
  • The Stiltz Vista 
  • The Stiltz Trio 

The popular Duo is the original Stiltz product. It does not require a supporting wall and cab be installed just about anywhere in your home. With a small footprint this compact elevator can be installed in under 2 days. 

If you like a contemporary look then the Stilt Vista is what you want. It has the same features as the DUO, but its transparent and strong polycarbonate body makes it smart and stylish. 

If you need a bigger more powerful elevator, then the Stiltz Trio is the way to go. This model can take 3 passengers and can accommodate a normal wheelchair. 

If you need a home mobility solution then Access Elevator can help you with a functional and cost-effective Stiltz elevator.