Stannah stair lifts in Erie & Pittsburgh PA

Stannah stair lifts have helped countless people overcome mobility issues in their multi-level homes.  If you have difficulty navigating a flight of stair, Access Elevator can help you with the right Stannah Stair Lift. A stair lift glides along a tract attached to your staircase. This means you just need to get into to chair, press a button or two and you will be transported from one level to another.

You get Stannah stair lifts for straight stairs, curved stairs and even stairs with intermediate landings. In fact, the team at Access Elevator say they are still to find the staircase to which they cannot attach a stairlift.

You also have choices in models and designs. You get entry level models, fancy models and in-between model. That means there is a stair chair that matches your taste and budget. Whatever model you select, you will always get some great features that help ensure safety and ease of use.

For example, the batteries have a continuous charge. You don’t have to worry where on the track you might have left the stair chair. The batteries will still charge.  Battery operation also means you won’t get stuck when the power is out.

Power swivel is another useful feature which makes it easier to exit or dismount the chair. Easy fold-up means the stairs can be left clear for others to use.  Remote control means you stairlift can serve more than one user. You can basically call your stairlift with a push of a button in the same way that you will call an elevator.

If you want a cost-effective way to have full access to all floors in your home, then a Stannah stair lift can help you do just that. The experienced and helpful team at Access Elevator are experts in Stannah stair lifts and will help you make the right decision.