Stairway Lifts in Syracuse, Pittsburg, Ithaca NY, and the Surrounding Areas

If you struggle to negotiate a staircase in your home, then stairway lifts can solve your problem. Access Elevator supplies and installs stairway lifts through the country. Stairway lifts are called different things such as stair chairs, stair lifts, stair glides and chair lifts. Whatever you call them, they do the same thing – transport you effortlessly between different levels in your home. 

The Stannah range of stairway lifts are popular. They have stair chairs for straight stairs, curved stairs, outdoor stairs, wide stairs, narrow stairs as well as stair cases with intermediate landings. The team at Access have said they still have to find a staircase to which they can’t attach a stair glide. 


A stair lift glides on a track attached to your staircase. You just need to sit on the chair, press a button and off you go. Stairway lifts have remote controls, so you can call your stair chair even if it is on a different level. 


Access Elevator supplies and installs the Stannah range of stairway lifts. Popular models include the Stannah Sienna and Stannah Starla. The Sienna has different seta styles such as narrow or wide. Longer arm rests provide additional comfort and support. 


The Starla is a more luxurious model with added comfort, easy access and extra safety. For example, the footrest raises and lowers at the push of a button, making it easier to get in and out of the chair. The stair also won’t move until you are properly seated. This works through weight detection. 

If you have mobility issues such as problems climbing a staircase, Access Elevator has a solution for you. This could be in the form of stairway lifts, wheelchair lifts or home elevators. They can provide you with cost-effective mobility products such as a Stannah stair lift.