Stairway lifts in Pittsburgh, PA, Syracuse, Rochester NY

Do you get the feeling of a prisoner living in your home as you cannot freely climb up and get down the stairs? Then there is good news for you. We at Access Elevator can help. With us you can find a wide range of lifts, of which it is our stairway lifts that is the maximum in demand. Be rest assured when you install these lifts in your home it will work wonders to help you recover your mobility. It is compact which means it will not occupy much space and when not in use, simply fold it and keep it aside. The different areas that we serve include Erie, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, NY.

Why choose a stairlift from Access Elevator?

Below are top 3 reasons as to why investing in a stairlift makes sense. These include,

  • Prevents slips and accidents, all round safety- Stairs are the most dangerous part of the home. Our lifts will help to keep you secure as well as make you feel secure when you use them.
  • Mobility and independence- the moment you go near the stairs you struggle thinking of all the anxiety and effort to climb the stairs up and down. But with our Stairlifts you will no longer hesitate in taking the stairs up and down again. This way you can move freely and at the same time enjoy mobility and independence
  • Trusted and reliable- when you choose us to buy your lifts, you will always receive excellent customer service. Being a family owned and operated company, we always put your interests along with the accurate services first, every time

To know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. For your convenience, we are available at your service around the clock both online and over the phone. Call Access Elevator for stairway lifts in Erie, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, NY, and for curved stair lifts in Pittsburgh, PA.