Stairway Lifts in Buffalo, Ithaca NY, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse and Nearby Cities

Access Elevator supplies and installs stairway lifts in Buffalo, Ithaca NY, Morgantown NY, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse. They specialise in mobility solutions and can help you with the right stair lift for your home. You don’t need to be limited to a single level in your home because of difficulty with stairs. A stairway lift can solve your mobility issues and give you easy access to all levels and floors in your home.

You don’t have to worry that a stairway lift might not work with your staircase. You get stairway lifts for straight staircase, curved stair cases and even stair cases with intermediate landings. A stair lift runs or glides on a track attached to your staircase. In fact, the team at Access is known to have said they have not yet found a staircase to which they could not attach a stair lift. They can help you no matter the size, shape or angle of your staircase.

Stairway lifts provide a cost-effective way to move between different levels in your home. Access Elevator supplies the Stannah range of stair lifts and there are many options to choose from. You can get new or used stairway lifts. You can purchase outright, go for a lease or even a rental. There are also several models to choose from.

You get compact and easy to use models such as the Stannah Sienna and you get luxurious models such as the Stannah Starla and you get those in-between. When you combine the manufacturing excellence of Stannah with installation expertise of Access, you get a mobility solution that work perfectly for you.

Stairway lifts enable people to enjoy all levels of their home by provide a safe and easy way to commute between different levels in your home.