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For several decades, Access Elevator has been providing stairlifts and other accessibility aids to the greater Pittsburgh area. With a large selection of quality stairlifts, Access Elevator brings accessibility into your Pittsburgh home or office space. Our caring staff will help you choose the stairlift that’s just right for your needs, and our experienced technicians will install it quickly and efficiently.

Straight or Curved Stairlifts for Pittsburgh Homeowners and Business Owners

Straight stairliftsStair Lifts Pittsburgh

Can be used on straight flights of stairs. Access Elevator technicians will cut the rail to meet the exact height of your staircase, whether it’s twelve or twenty steps high. Because straight stairlifts require little customization, they are usually less expensive than curved stairlifts. In addition to the price advantage, they take less time from ordering to installation than the made-to-order curved stairlift systems.

Curved stairlifts

Accommodate staircases with turns and landings. They can also be used with curved staircases, or staircases with rounded walls. Since they are custom-built to match the turns, landings, and other features of your particular staircase, they take longer to manufacture and have a higher price point than the more generic straight stairlift.

If you have multiple flights of stairs to cover, as in a multi-story office or apartment building, curved stairlifts are an excellent choice. While a series of straight stairlifts can be used for multiple flights of stairs, they require several transfers to and from the stairlift’s chair on each flight of stairs. On the other hand, curved stairlifts allow someone to ascend or descend multiple flights of stairs without getting up from the stairlift’s chair.

Outdoor Stairlifts in Pittsburgh for Exterior Staircases

Exterior staircases are used to provide easy access to patios, decks, and building interiors, but they present a problem for those who can’t climb stairs. An outdoor stairlift is an effective way to make an exterior staircase accessible, while keeping it functional for everyone.

Outdoor stairlifts work similarly to the indoor straight and curved stairlifts that Access Elevator offers our Pittsburgh customers. For outdoor stairlifts, special care is taken to protect the mechanism, electrical supply, rail, and seat from the elements.

Stairlift Features for Access Elevator’s Pittsburgh Customers

A remote call button can send the stairlift’s chair from one floor to another, either bringing it back when needed, or sending it away when it’s not in use. A retractable rail is another popular option. It automatically folds up the piece of rail that extends onto the floor in front of the staircase, saving space and eliminating a potential tripping hazard. The power swivel feature helps you transfer safely from the stairlift’s chair to a standing position, and a parking kit can move the stairlift’s chair into an out-of-the-way resting position.

Whether curved or straight, indoors or outdoors, a stairlift from Access Elevator comes with additional features like these to make it even more useful in your Pittsburgh home or office. Call us at 888-668-5438, and we’ll help you discover the stairlift solution that works for you.