Stair lifts, stairway lifts in Pittsburgh, PA, Syracuse, NY

The specialty of curved stair lifts

Your search for a company that offers the best and the widest range of curved stair lifts will end with us at Access Elevator. This will be a necessity for those having a curving staircase. No house is designed keeping in mind the need of a stair lift. So if the staircase in your house has corners, goes around bends or possess other unusual features our Stairlifts will act as a savior. After surveying your home our staffs will recommend a model that best fits your needs and if the need be can also custom design one for you. Our service areas include the ins and outs of Buffalo, Ithaca, NY, Morgantown WV, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

Benefits galore

Below is a list of some of the practical benefits of installing a curved stair lift. These include,

  • It is designed for fitting around your abode instead of compelling you in changing your daily routines or surroundings
  • It comes with lap belts and remote controls which indicates that the user will be in control throughout thereby offering you peace of mind
  • It comes with a fully padded seat along with a backrest thereby offering the user with utmost comfort
  • The biggest benefit to install these lifts at home is that it will offer your elderly loved ones with independence and freedom. They can access the stairs at home with ease and there is no danger of an accident
  • Last but not the least it comes with a lockable switch to prevent others to use it. This is especially beneficial for children who may be tempted into using it without supervision. Further, there is the ability of calling or sending the lift either to the bottom or top of the stairs if there are more than one user in your home

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