Stair lifts in Syracuse, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, WV

Stair lifts will give you easy access to all floors in your multi-level home

Many people live in multi-level homes and many of them face mobility issues. If you are one of them there is a cost effective solution in the form of stair lifts. You don’t need to move home simply because navigating a flight of stairs has become difficult, dangerous or even impossible. If you need a stair chair in Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse then Access Elevator can help. They are authorised distributors and installers of Stannah stair lifts and they can help solve your mobility problems.

You should not be in a situation where you cannot access all the levels in your home simply because a flight of stairs presents an obstacle. Stair lifts (a.k.a. stair chairs and chair lifts) will enable you to move effortlessly from one level your home to another. That is because a stairlift glides along a track that is attached to your stair case. Now you might think that won’t work for you because you have curved stairs, spiral stairs, narrow stairs or stairs with intermediate landings. Well the team at Access have been known to say that they still need to meet a stair case to which they cannot attach one of their stair lifts.

So you get stair lifts for straight stairs, chair lifts for curved stairs, stair chairs for spiral stairs and even stair lifts for stairs with landings. You also get stair lifts specifically designed for outdoor use. So there is no reason why you should have to battle when you want to move from one floor in your home to another.

Stair lifts are also very easy to operate and they are very safe. They also battery operated so you won’t be stuck when the power is out. And if you have a fancy home you can get a stair lift with fancy design and finishes to match. And best part is it only takes the expert installers from Access a couple of hours to install your chair lift.