Chair lifts in Pittsburgh, PA and Rochester, Syracuse, NY

5 types of Savaria lifts available in the market today

Savaria lifts provide the utmost accessibility as well as convenience to residential property owners in various parts of New York, like- Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse. Right from basic models that address personal mobility to all-out luxury models, Savaria lifts can be customized to suit almost every abode. As an authorized dealer of Savaria lifts, we at Access Elevator, one of the leading and trust-worthy home lift suppliers in the industry offer the 5 types of lifts since the past 15 decades to deliver the best value in business as given below:

  1. Vertical platform lift V-1504 lift- A vertical platform V-1504 lift, consisting of controls, a platform and lift tower is a type of lift that has been designed to transport wheelchair passengers safely up and down one or more floor levels of an abode. It is a great alternative to wheelchair ramps.
  2. Omega inclined platform lift- Ideal for access over stairs in commercial buildings, the Omega inclined platform lift handles both inside and outside curved staircase and multiple levels as well as spiral staircase.
  3. Delta inclined platform lift- Used both in residential as well as commercial settings, delta inclined platform lifts provides access over a single flight of straight stairs.
  4. Multi lift- A vertical porch lift that has been designed to provide wheelchair accessibility for low-rise travel, be it inside or outside your abode or in specific public places is known as multi lifts.
  5. Prolift vertical platform lift- Installed in an existing or new staircase, Prolift vertical platform lift is an energy-efficient operation vertical platform lift that operates smoothly, without making any noise.

All these types of Savaria lifts have been built with the goal of helping people move, be it is to improve personal mobility issues or to simply make life easier. Moreover, each comes with a 3 year warranty in parts.