Pittsburgh, Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, NY Stair Lifts

Elevators and stair lifts offer mobility and accessibility solutions

Home elevators and stair lifts offer mobility solutions to people who would otherwise not have freedom of movement in their own homes. For the latest in home elevators and stair lifts in Buffalo NY, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY you should contact Access Elevator.

We are all used to elevators in tall buildings, office blocks, shopping centers and hotels. But elevators are no longer just the domain of commercial applications. You too can have a residential elevator in your home. You might think elevators are very expensive and that a home elevator is only for the rich and wealthy. This is not true. A home elevator does not have to be a luxury item that only the rich and famous can afford. In fact a home elevator these days can be more of a necessity than a luxury. Today’s best home elevators are affordable whilst still maintaining an aesthetic value and appeal.

For example the Symmetry range of home elevators offers different styling options, such as flat panels or inset panels and different hardwood veneer options. You also have options when it comes to drive systems such as the whisper quiet hydraulic drive stem or the compact and space saving inline gear drive.

Another example is the Stiltz home elevator. This affordable home elevator features a unique design and uses a small footprint that makes it space effective. This is an elevator that easily fits into smaller spaces. It is also a cost effective alternative to stair lifts, especially curved stair lifts.

Stair lifts also offer effective and affordable mobility solutions and enables you to easily access different levels and floors in your home. Straight stair lifts are easy to install and offer a safe and effective transport mode that helps you overcome obstacles and challenges presented by a flight of stairs.