LULA Elevators in Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Morgantown WV, and all the Surrounding Areas

Access Elevator is a recommended supplier and installer of LULA elevators. A LULA elevator is a limited use / limited application elevator that provides building access and mobility solution for handicapped people. It is hybrid between a normal commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. They can be used in low rise commercial buildings as well as residential homes. LULA elevators are gaining in popularity in new constructions as well as renovation projects. And there are good reasons for this. 

 LULA Elevators

LULA Elevators provide several benefits. First, it enables you to have a handicapped friendly building. The equipment and installation costs are a lot less that a full-size commercial elevator. It has small footprint and requires less space than a normal elevator.  The hoist way does not require concreter construction. It can be constructed from cheaper material such as wood or sheetrock. 


Another big advantage of a LULA elevator is low maintenance. Savings on maintenance alone will allow you to recover the initial purchase and installation costs. Normal commercial elevators must be serviced monthly. A LULA elevator only requires servicing every 6 months. LULA elevators are also safe and easy to use. 


LULA elevators also have important built-in safety features. These include emergency lighting, battery backup, safety brakes, manual lowering, overspeed valve, emergency stop, certified components and more. 


LULA elevators are designed to meet ADA requirements. They provide handicapped access in low-rise / low occupancy buildings where a full-size commercial elevator won’t be feasible. They can be used in schools, colleges, churches, clinics, multi-family homes, libraries and so on. 


If you are looking for mobility solutions or products for ADA compliance, then Access Elevator can help. We specialize in stair lifts, incline lifts, vertical lifts, wheelchair lifts, residential elevators and LULA elevators.