LU/LA Elevators are the Superior Choice for Commercial Buildings, and Here’s Why

Not all commercial buildings are equipped with the proper technology and resources needed to accommodate the mobility of disabled people. Limited use, limited application (LU/LA) elevators are a practical and superior mobility solution for low rise commercial buildings and residential units. Meeting all the requirements of the ADA, LU/LA elevators provide an additional level of convenience and efficiency so your commercial buildings can accommodate all people and make mobility easy and worry-free. LU/LA elevators are the superior choice for commercial building owners due to their various benefits.  


LU/LA Elevators, Custom Elevators, and Elevators for Churches

LU/LA elevators provide more safety features than traditional elevators and wheelchair lifts. With features such as emergency backup power supply, automatic bi-directional floor leveling, emergency lowering functions, and more, you don’t have to worry about the repercussions of traditional elevators or lifts. With an instantaneous safety brake system, you can ensure that all occupants of your building are safe when using your LU/LA elevator, protecting your personal liability and the safety of your occupants.

Efficient Transport

LU/LA elevators provide handicapped people with superior mobility solutions that can accommodate more weight than wheelchair lifts and increase delivery time. Functioning like a traditional elevator, with LU/LA elevators you don’t have to wait around for convenient transportation in commercial buildings. LU/LA elevators are quick, convenient, and efficient, making mobility easy and practical. 


Commercial building owners use LU/LA elevators not only for their superior mobility function, but for their affordability. LU/LA elevators are not only a fraction of the cost of traditional elevators, but they provide privacy, convenience, and additional safety benefits, making these elevators the practical choice for commercial buildings.

If you’re a commercial business owner looking to improve the overall mobility of your building for disabled persons, then Access Elevator can help you install the ADA approved LU/LA elevator that suits your building and meets your requirements. Accommodating a variety of platform sizes, Access Elevator helps you procure the right LU/LA elevator that fits your specifications and equips your building with enhanced mobility function. Call now to learn more about the LU/LA elevator for your building.