Hybrid Wheelchair Lifts

Hybrid wheelchair lifts are the gap between elevators and wheelchair platform lifts. Hybrid wheelchair lifts have the look and function of elevators, but use the lift functionality of platforms lifts. This makes them a more affordable option for home use or even commercial use. Hybrid wheelchair lifts do not have the full heavy-duty functionality of elevators, but they are capable of lifting 750 lbs. Also, they have over 200 colors and finishes so they can either fit in with existing home esthetics or future home building plans.

Hybrid Wheelchair Lifts, Enclosed Wheelchair Lifts, and Savaria Lifts

What sets hybrid wheelchair lifts aside are their safety features. The patented A.W.A.R.E. system is an on-board diagnostics system that manages and monitors every critical function of the lift. Other safety features include manual lowering in addition to an un-interruptible power supply for car lowering in the event of power failure. Safety features inside the cab include an alarm, emergency stop switch and a grab rail. To prevent any pets or household member from falling down the shaft when the car is on another floor, doors are locked with landing interlocks.

If this sounds like something that would help in your situation, Access Elevator can assist in your planning at all aspects. Access Elevator has many of the drawings and plans architects need for incorporating a hybrid wheelchair lift into architectural drawings. Access Elevator can also provide the answers that any compliance municipality or other type of planning committee may have. Hybrid wheelchair lifts are more of an investment than typical wheelchair platform lifts so they should be considered more of a permanent installation and solution. We understand there are many different options and it can be confusing. If you are thinking about an elevator but don’t need the typical strength and functionality of an elevator, then hybrid wheelchair lifts can be the solution for you.