Hybrid Wheelchair Lifts in Rochester, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and all the Surrounding Areas

Hybrid Wheelchair LiftsAccess Elevator is a recommended supplier and installer of hybrid wheelchair lifts.  We specialize in stair lifts, vertical lifts, elevators and hybrid wheelchair lifts. These types of lifts offer a cost-effective solution for people who struggle with stairs because of mobility issues. 

A hybrid wheelchair lift looks like an elevator, but operates like a lift. An elevator has an enclosed cab and requires a shaft. A lift is a more basic type of elevator. For example a stair lift glides on a track attached to a staircase. A stairlift can transport a person from the bottom to the top of the staircase or vice versa. A wheelchair lift can be used indoors and outdoors and be in the form of an incline platform lift or a vertical platform lift. Inclined platform lifts are attached to a rail on existing staircase.  Vertical platform lifts look like an open elevator can provide access to raised decks and other elevated areas. 


Hybrid wheelchair lifts closely resemble an elevator but is simpler in design and more cost effective.  They are available in several sizes, colors and configurations. Hybrid wheelchair lifts have a full height car and non-load bearing ceiling. You have many options for customizing doors, finishes and trimmings. Hybrid wheelchair lifts look classy, are whisper quiet, eco-friendly and energy efficient. 

They also have some great safety and related features. They also have advanced diagnostic systems that monitor all the critical functions of the wheelchair lift. Other useful features include automatic cab lighting, emergency lights, easy to use controls, power backup, manual lowering, alarm, emergency stop, grab rails, landing interlocks and more.


If you are looking for a mobility solution for your home, then you need look no further than Access Elevator. They can help you with stair lifts, vertical lifts, platform lifts, elevators and hybrid wheelchair lifts.