Home elevators in Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburg and Syracuse, NY

Home elevators provide access, mobility, safety and convenience

Home elevators or more in demand than ever before. They are no longer seen as a high-ticket item only available to the rich or famous. In fact, in many cases they provide important mobility solutions for elderly or handicapped people. Access Elevators is a recommended suppliers and installer of residential elevators in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Pittsburg and they can help you with the right mobility solution for your home.

A home elevator not only offers mobility solutions; it makes it easier to move things from one level to another. If it has become difficult or dangerous to navigate a flight of stairs, a home elevator could be the solution you need. In addition, a home elevator is a sound financial investment that will increase the value and marketability of your property.

When looking for home elevators it is a good idea to consult with experts such as Access Elevator. They have decades of experience in the mobility market and they know what will or won’t work in your situation. They carefully choose suppliers and product lines so you can be confident that the home elevators they install have been thoroughly tested and comply with important building and safety standards.

A home elevator means stairs are no longer an obstacle. Now you can enjoy the ease and freedom of movement in your home that you need and deserve. In addition, home elevators add to the beauty and allure of your home. With many design options a home elevator will blend in with the décor and style of your home, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Now you might think you need a great deal of space and home reconstruction to accommodate an elevator. But that is not correct – with the new in shaft motor housing a home elevator from Access takes far less space than most people would think possible.