Elevators, Stairlifts, Wheelchair Lifts and More for ADA Compliance

The basic rules for ADA compliance are that any business that provides goods and services to the public must provide disability accommodations and cannot discriminate against customers based on any impairment or disability.

Facilities that do not provide goods or services directly to the public, such as office buildings, factories warehouses or other facilities, usually do not need to comply unless their building is part of new construction or alterations. However, ADA compliance is recommended to accommodate workers as well as in preparation for future changes.


Some other buildings are often completely exempt from ADA compliance requirements including houses of worship and private clubs. Schools, daycares and other facilities run by religious organizations are also exempt. Again, some sort of mobility access is recommended and is required when renting out space including halls or kitchens.

Overall, facility and property managers are recommended to check with their local building code department on any additional compliance issues. One way to explore the options available is to call Access Elevator – our team can help guide your company through many of the available options including:

  • Wheelchair lifts – wheelchair lifts encompass a few different options including vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts. Some wheelchair lifts are manufactured for home or ADA exempt use, so make sure you are following proper ADA guidelines for wheelchair lifts. They can be tricky so it’s best to work a company like Access Elevator that has the experience with ADA compliant wheelchair lifts.

  • Stair lifts –stairlifts that are ADA compliant are the inclined platform lifts made for wheelchairs. Other stairlifts that are not made for wheelchairs are not ADA compliant but can be used in religious institutions or private clubs. Platform lifts have to be operable independently by the passenger and allow for unassisted entry and exit.

  • LU/LA elevators – limited use, limited access elevators are a great way to make your location ADA compliant. These elevators have a greater reach in terms of floors/height, weight limit and frequency of use. LU/LA elevators are designed for limited commercial and residential use where traditional passenger elevators are not feasible. LU/LA elevators must still meet all the ADA compliance regulations such as button height, door opening times and more.

Contact your local Access Elevator office today and our knowledgeable, professionally trained design consultants can help you find the elevator or lift that’s right for your budget and your facility. We have worked with hundreds of companies in the installation, purchasing and repairing of ADA compliant lift and elevator options.