Safety tips for Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh and Syracuse, NY

3 most common problems faced with stair lifts

Love your new abode in NY but fear climbing and down your staircase? Frequently climbing up and down the stairs in a house to do everyday household chores is a potential hazard for most elderly people or those with physical disabilities. In order to cater to the needs of all those people suffering from reduced mobility, various kinds of modern residential stair lifts are available in the market to be more independent and self-sufficient. An energy-efficient stair lift, one of the most cost-effective ways to climb up and down the stairs, especially for those seniors or handicapped currently living on a tight budget should be installed by experienced professionals like us at Access Elevator. However, just like new elevators, new stair lift models that have been out in the market in Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse in NY recently too operates without service issues and thus tend to have more problems as given below:

  1. Bottom of the stairs– One of the most common problems faced with stair lifts are:
  • The seat of the stair lift is not locked properly.
  • Somewhere along the track of the staircase, the footrest has hit an obstruction to the stair lift mechanism.
  • When the chassis has extended beyond the final limit switch, it means the final limit switch has been tripped.
  1. Top of the stairs- Provided if your stair lift is battery operated stair lift and you haven’t yet brought the stair lift to the end of the track to engage the charging strip, then your stair lift will malfunction at the top of the staircase.
  2. Somewhere along the track- In addition to power supply, a major obstacle on the stairs having tripped a sensor in the footrest is a serious problem to stair lifts. . It is not common for a battery-operated stair lift to stop along the track. It means that your battery has drained off.

Just like your HVAC system, a stair lift should be serviced and maintained properly. If serviced and maintained properly, they would not have a major impact on your electricity bill.