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Lula elevators are designed to meet the highest safety standards for handicapped use. Lula stands for limited application / limited use and provides handicapped accessibility to a low rise low occupancy building. Lula elevators find application in low rise buildings but can also be used in private homes. These elevators are designed to meet the requirement of the ADA (American Disability Act).

Lula elevator is a hybrid between a full-Ssze commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. They are well suited for application where a traditional passenger elevator won’t be possible or feasible. Typical applications include schools, colleges, churches, multi-family homes, security complexes, libraries and similar buildings. Lula elevators have shallow pit depth, short overhead, LED energy saving lights and directional indicators. They also have smart features such as automatic self-levelling, smooth start and stop, sliding doors, PLC control, quiet operation and more.

Lula elevators can come with wooden cabs, powder coated steel cabs, colored laminate finishing, various car door finishes, fire rated cab gates and more. Safety features include stop switch, emergency lighting, battery backup, safety brakes, emergency manual lowering and more.

Lula elevators also offer financial benefits since they are low-maintenance. The cost of ownership is far lower than a traditional elevator. Like everything else Lula elevators have limitations. These include limitation with respect to vertical travel, weight, capacity and floor space. That is why Lula elevators have a niche market in low rise low occupancy buildings. When it comes to niche its application, Lula elevators are gaining popularity. Lula elevators are now the preferred choice of many architects and developers when planning new constructions or renovations.

Access Elevator supplies and installs Lula elevators country wide. A Lula elevator can provide affordable accessibility in your building be it a school, church, college, small commercial building,  townhouse complex or even a private home.

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