Elevators in Buffalo, NY: Are Home Elevators Safe?

Home elevators are a practical option for homeowners with limited mobility looking to increase their freedom and independence in multi-story homes. However, one of the most pressing concerns when it comes to home elevators is safety. Are home elevators really safe? Residential elevators are equipped with a range of safety functions to protect users. These safety features may include:

Door Sensors.

Elevators in Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Pittsburgh, and Ithaca NY

Door sensor technology prevents elevator doors from closing on objects and people. By utilizing LED lights or infrared technology, door sensors illuminate entry to elevators and can prevent serious accidents.

Fire Alarms.

Fire alarms are one of the most basic and essential aspects of home elevators. Fire alarms are required to be installed in the shaftway of elevators to warn users of fires that can be hazardous to health and compromise safety.

Emergency Power Supplies.

The emergency power supply function gives elevators an emergency backup that can bring the cab down to the first floor for safe exit in the event of a power failure.

Door Interlocks.

Door interlocks are a safety feature that some residential elevators have to prevent doors from being open when the cab is not fully landed on the right floor.

The bottom line, home elevators are not only a great choice for individuals looking to increase mobility, but they are also a safe choice equipped with the proper safety features to keep you, your loved ones, and your guests protected.

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