Elevators and Home Elevators in Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse and Surrounding Areas

Residential elevators offer accessibility and convenience

Access Elevators specialises in mobility products and they can help you with residential elevators, stair chairs and related accessibility products. Whether you are building a new home, retrofitting your home or simply need an accessibility solution, Access can help. They have many years’ experience installing and maintaining residential elevators and home accessibility products.

Elevators are useful additions to homes for a variety of reason that include accessibility, convenience and value. Residential elevators are no longer only the domain of the rich. While you do get fancy and luxurious elevators you also get affordable residential elevators. A home elevator can solve accessibility issues related to stairs. If you have a problem with stairs you could consider options such as home elevator or a stair chair.

With a home elevator, you have the advantage that you can move larger objects from one level to another. You get residential elevators with up to 950 lbs capacity and cab sizes of up to 18 square feet. A home elevator not only helps solve mobility issues, they add convenience and value to your home. It also does not matter whether you have multiple levels or need to service a walkout basement, Access has the right home elevator for you.

When it comes to residential elevators you want to deal with a company that chooses their product lines carefully. At Access, they subject products to rigorous tests before accepting and marketing those products. That is why the deal exclusively with a leading manufacturer of residential elevators.

A home elevator should also blend into your home and compliment the décor and style of your home. You have several options when it comes to design and style of residential elevators. You can make a home elevator a focal point or have it blend in a less conspicuous manner.


Elevators from Access Elevator are affordable, dependable, and provide you with peace of mind when you need an easy way to get between floors. Contact us now!