Elevator in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Rochester, NY

Savaria lifts solve mobility problems and add convenience

Savaria Lifts is a brand name in mobility solutions such as platform lifts, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and home elevators. Access Elevator is your dealer for Savaria Lifts in Buffalo NY, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY.

Savaria Lifts are designed and engineered with one major goal in mind – to improve personal mobility and convenience. Their wheelchair and stair lifts can help solve your mobility challenges. Stair lifts and platform lifts are ideal for home use. For example gliding stair lift will help you to navigate the different levels in your home. No need to struggle getting up or down the stairs. With a Savaria stair lift you will have freedom of access to all levels of your home. Savaria Stair lifts are easy to operate and safe to use. The new Savaria K2 is great chair lift for straight stairs. The stairfriend is the perfect chair lift for curved stairs as well as stair cases with intermediate landings. With a Savaria chair lift your stairs will no longer be a barrier or obstacle to your freedom of access.

Savaria wheelchair lifts can transport you between levels of your home without the requirement to leave your wheelchair. For example the Savaria Multilift is ideal for outdoor use and can provide access to different levels by using a porch or deck as a landing or departure areas. You can also get wheelchair lifts for stairways. In this case a rail system is mounted alongside the stair case. The rail system can accommodate a wheelchair and a passenger simultaneously.

Home elevators are also great for convenience as well as mobility issues. Home elevators can add a great deal of convenience and can also eliminate the need for stairs.

Whether you need a stair lift, platform lift or home elevator, Access Elevator has a Savaria solution for you.