Duo vs. Trio Stiltz Elevators in Pittsburgh, Ithaca, NY, Rochester, Buffalo, Morgantown, WV, Erie, and Nearby Cities

Adding a home elevator to your residence can significantly enhance accessibility and safety, offering convenience and peace of mind. With various options available in the market, one standout choice is the Stiltz elevator, known for its innovative design and reliable performance.

Stiltz elevators are unique residential elevators designed to provide accessibility without the need for hydraulics or wall fixing. They are powered by an electric motor drive system, making them quiet and efficient.

Stiltz Trio Alta half doorOne of the distinguishing features of Stiltz elevators is their dual rail technology, which allows for a self-supporting structure without additional weight burdening the home. But which Stiltz elevator is the right choice for your home?

Duo Stiltz Elevator

The Duo Stiltz Elevator is a versatile and space-saving option for homeowners. It can be installed almost anywhere in the home, offering flexibility and convenience. With its compact design and seamless integration, the Duo model is ideal for those looking for a discreet yet effective elevator solution. Its intelligent electric motor drive system ensures smooth and quiet operation, enhancing the overall user experience.

Trio Stiltz Elevator

The Trio Stiltz Elevator is designed specifically for wheelchair accessibility and offers a spacious travel experience. It can accommodate standard-sized wheelchairs, walkers, or rollators, making it an excellent choice for individuals with mobility challenges. The Trio model includes convenient features such as hold-to-run controls, a full-height light curtain, and a thru-car design for easy entry and exit from both sides.

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