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If you are looking for stair lifts in order to provide the elderly at your home with accessible mobility, then you have come to the right place. We, at Access Elevator and Lift bring you curved stair lift with tracks which are particularly made to move around corners, up the spiral staircases, and across the intermediate landings. We make use of Photo Survey technology for making correct measurements and thereby ensure you get the right fit for your staircase.
Here, we bring you some of the most attractive features of a curved stair lift so that you can understand why such a purchase will be most beneficial to you. Take a look.

 Powered Swivel

We provide you with a powered swivel option that will allow you to swivel your seat around on reaching the top of the stairs so that you can exit onto the landing in a safe manner. The swivel is operated by consistently holding on to the toggle. We also have a manual override for emergencies.

 Powered Footplate

With our curved stair lift, you also get a powered footplate option that not just can be foled to allow more space for other users of the stairs but that will fold automatically when you fold the seat. This is operated separately with a switch in the seat arm enabling the person sitting to raise and lower the seat while being seated.

 Consistent Charging

We also bring you the continuous charging function with this stair lift so the lift can be parked on any part of the tracks when it is not being used. This clearly suggests that one does not need to worry about parking the lift on the tracks or whether the batteries are in position while the lift is not being used.
So, these were the three essential features. If you wish to know more about this lift or purchase it, you should get in touch with us immediately.