Curved Chair lifts in Ithaca, NY and Morgantown, WV

Discover the real benefits of using curved chair lifts

If you or any of your loved ones need somebody else’s assistance to move in or struggling with the simple day to day tasks, then the best option will be to consider a curved chair lift. We at Access Elevator offer a wide range of curved chair lifts to people residing in and around Buffalo, Pittsburg and Syracuse. Our chair lifts benefit from the modern design along with the cutting edge innovations in manufacturing. Over the years we have sufficed the needs of innumerable people with our chair lifts.

Its different uses

A curved chair lift can be utilized in various forms of stairs such as,

  • Straight stairs
  • Multiple stair levels
  • Stairs that feature pie shaped stairs or are curved
  • Stairs which change direction and in any way
  • Stairs having an intermediate landing

A curved chair lift will help in keeping you safe and thereby offer you or your dear ones with the ultimate peace of mind. It comes with seat swivel features which will safely swivel one to face the stairs or face the landing. Besides the backup power feature which is equipped with these lifts will ensure that a person will not get trapped on the stairway during a power outage. In fact, there are some models that come with inbuilt sensors which will help in stopping the climber when something is on the stairway. Every curved chair lift that we offer is made of supreme quality materials and backed by a lifetime limited warranty. No matter for whom you need this lift, he/she will experience peace of mind learning that the vital parts like the power supply, the rail and the gear/motor box are indeed covered for life. So if you are in need of these lifts then calling our experts right away will be a wise decision.