Chairlifts and stairway lifts in Rochester and Syracuse, NY

Chair lifts for all types of stairs and homes

They are known by different names such as chair lifts, stair lifts and stair chairs but they all refer to the same thing that makes it possible for handicapped people to navigate a flight of stairs. Access Elevator is a respected name in the mobility and accessibility business and they sell and install Stannah chair lifts in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Pittsburg.

There are a number of options within the Stannah range of stair lifts. For example, the compact and easy you use Stannah Senna or the elegant custom Stannah Starla. Whether you have straight stairs in Buffalo, curved stairs in Rochester, outdoor stairs in Syracuse or stairs with intermediate landings in Pittsburgh, there is a stair lift solution for you. It does not matter what kind of stair case you have. A chair lift runs along a rail that is attached to the stair case and this solution can accommodate just about any type of staircase, straight or curved.

You also have a range of choices such as between new and used, between purchase and rental and between models and styles. Chair lifts come in different styles and designs which means you can select a model that fits in with your home décor. You can go for a basic model or a more luxurious one, the choice is all yours.

Whether new or used, chair lifts improve the lives of countless people by providing accessibility to different levels or floors in residential homes.   It does not matter how many times you need to move between floors, your Stannah chair lift will take you up safely and bring you down safely. Stannah chair lifts have remote controls which means you can also call your stair lift if it happens to be on different level and you can also use it to transport light items.