Chair Lifts, Curved Stair Lift, Platform Lift, Savaria Lifts and Stairlift

Chairlifts have helped many ordinary people regain independence. They are called different things such as stair lifts, stair chairs and stair glides. Irrespective of what you call them, they can help you regain access to all levels of your home. If you live in a multi-level home and have difficulty negotiating a flight of stairs, then a chairlift can be the answer. A chairlift glides on track attached to a flight of stairs. As long you can fit into the chair, it will provide you with a means of transport between the different floors in your home.

Chair LiftsAccess Elevator sells and installs Stannah chairlifts countrywide. They can help you with chairlifts irrespective of the type of stairs you have in your home. They have chairlifts for straight stairs, curved stairs, stair with intermediate landings, wide, stairs, narrow stairs and even outdoor stairs. So you don’t need to move home because you have difficulty with a stair case. The team at Access Elevator can help with the right stairlift. They can attach a stair lift to just about any type of stairway irrespective of shape, size or angle. Their stairlifts can transport you in a straight line, around corners and up multiple flights.

Chairlifts offer a safe and practical solution for people with mobility problems. You can also find a chairlift to match your budget. You get entry level chair lifts and you get high-end luxurious chair lifts. There are also rental and lease options, so you just need to pay a monthly installment. So now you can regain access to all levels or floors in your home. You also don’t need to worry about safety issues or power outages. A lot of clever design has gone into the making of Stannah chairlifts and they have covered all the angles.