Chair lifts in Syracuse, Rochester, NY and Pittsburgh, PA

Chair lifts give countless people access to all levels in their homes

A Staircase can be an obstacle if you have mobility problems. In life most obstacles can be overcome. Chair lifts help countless overcome access problems presented by staircases. If you have difficulty moving from one floor or level to another then you might want to consider a chair lift. Access Elevators is mobility and access solutions company and they can help you with chair lifts in Morgantown WV or Pittsburgh.

Chair lifts are also called stair lifts, stair chairs and stair glides. It does not really matter what you call them. What matters is what a chair lift can do for you. A stair chair can give you back the freedom of movement in your multi-level home. You don’t have to move to another house simply because you are unable to safely or easily navigate a flight of stairs. A chair lift can solve your problem.

Chair lifts are chairs that glide along a track attached to a staircase. You simply get into the chair and press a button. Your stair chair with then transport you from one level in your home to another. Now you don’t have to only have straight stairs. Straight stairs are also fine, but it does not matter whether you have straight stairs or curved stairs. The track can be fitted to just about any staircase, even stairs with intermediate landings.

Stannah is a leading name in chair lifts and they manufacture a variety of stair chairs. That means you get entry level chair lifts and fancy upmarket chair lifts. You get stair chairs for indoor use and you get stair chairs for outdoor use. You get chair lifts for straight stairs and you get chair lifts for curved. So it does not matter whether you have a tight or what the configuration of your stair case is, there is a chair lift that is right for you and your home.