Chair Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts in Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse and Surrounding Areas

You have several choices and options when it comes to chair lifts

Chair lifts can help solve mobility and access problems for people who have difficulty with stairs. Access Elevator supplies and installs Stannah chair lifts in homes throughout the country and they can help you with the right stair chair for your home. Chair lifts are also called stair chars and stair lifts and even stair glides. Whatever you call them they refer to the same thing – a chair that glides on a track attached to a stair case. All you need to do is sit on the chair, press a button and the stair lift will take you up or down the stair case.


There are chair lifts for different budgets. You can get a second-hand chair lift, a new chair lift or a fancy and luxurious chair lift. You can even rent a chair lift for short term use. Access Elevator specialises in accessibility products and they carry a comprehensive range of chair stairs. There range for new to used, form compact and easy to use models to luxurious custom models.


Maybe you are thinking that your staircase is a problem because its curved, or narrow, or wide or has an intermediate. The good news is that it is not a problem. Access Elevator has chair lifts for all types or staircases, including curved stairs, narrow stairs and wide stairs. In fact, the team at Access have been known to say they still must find a staircase they cannot attach a chair lift to.


A chair lift is not only about whether you have straight or curbed stairs. It is also about style, cost and preference. The good news is that you have several options such as color, length of armrests, seat design and so on. There is a chair lift that is just right for your home, your staircase and your budget.


Chair Lifts from Access Elevator are dependable, affordable, and let you stay in your home when your stairs become a challenge. Contact us for chair lifts now!