Chair Lifts, Curved Stair Lift, Platform Lift and Stannah Stair Lifts

As the population grows and ages the demand for mobility solutions increases. Chair lifts offer mobility solutions for people in multi-level homes. Access Elevator supplies and installs chair lifts throughout the country. A chair lift is designed to glide along a track attached to a staircase. That means instead of having to walk up or down a staircase, you can use a chair lift. That is particularly useful for people who difficulty negotiating a flight of stairs.

Access Elevator is a mobility solutions company and they can help you with chair lifts and home elevators. They have stair lifts for all kinds of stairs. So it does not matter whether you have straight stairs or curves stairs, they have the right stair chair for your home.

Like with most things chair lifts are available in different models and designs, from entry level budget ones to luxury models with all the bells and whistles. That means there is a chair lift that is right for your budget and home. Irrespective of the model or price, all Access Elevator chair lifts are safe and easy to use.

Chair lifts come with handy features such as remote control. That means your chair lift is always in reach even if you are on a different level. Chair lifts also have built in safety and backup features which means you can’t fall out of your chair stair, won’t get stuck between floors and your chair lift won’t overrun the track. They are also design for easy sit down and get up. Chair lifts can fold away so they don’t obstruct others.

If you have problems negotiating a flight of stairs, you dint need to sell and move. A chair lift is an affordable and effective solution to mobility issues within your multi-level home.