Access Elevator is involved for the second year in a row in Pittsburgh’s Ultimate House.

Access Elevator Sponsors Pittsburgh Magazine’s Ultimate House

The concept of corporate responsibility has been gaining more and more traction over recent years. As we all know, companies are in business to make profits, but they can also make a difference in the communities they serve. Our company, Access Elevator, is a leading provider of stairlifts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we also sell and install top quality home elevators in Pittsburgh. We have been able to enjoy a good bit of success over the years, and we are in a position to give something back to the Pittsburgh community. We are always looking for opportunities to pitch in when charitable efforts are underway. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we are a co-sponsor of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2016 Ultimate House initiative. We were also involved in 2015, and we jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand once again. Home Elevators Home Elevators

Here is how the Ultimate House project works. Pittsburgh Magazine endeavors to determine the building project that can best be described as the “ultimate house,” a home that is so extraordinary people would want to tour it. This year, the magazine named the 2500 Smallman development as the ultimate house of 2016. The project was a transformative one that turned an aging warehouse into eleven separate city homes, but these are not ordinary places of residence. We are talking about the lap of luxury at 2500 Smallman. Totally state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, sustainable concepts were used on this renewal project, so residents enjoy a decidedly modern, upscale lifestyle. Pure excellence on every level is something that would certainly be expected when you consider the fact that these are multimillion dollar homes.

Since the homes on 2500 Smallman are architectural marvels that many people would love to see, there is a fundraising opportunity there, and that’s where the Ultimate House project comes in. Starting on September 9th, tours of the 2016 Ultimate House will be offered, and they will continue through September 18th. Proceeds from the tours are going to assist a very good cause. The beneficiary of the project is the The Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. Last year, the Ultimate House generated over $100,000 for the hospital.

Our valued customers make our participation in projects like this one possible. If you are looking for stair lifts in Pittsburgh, or home elevators in Pittsburgh, we will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, because we genuinely care about people in this community.