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    Access Elevator is the premier mobility solutions provider for greater Buffalo, NY.

    We help you to continue living comfortably in the home you have loved for decades by installing the right stairlift for your needs.

    With a resolute dedication to enhancing accessibility for individuals with various mobility challenges, Access Elevator NY presents a range of solutions, including curved lifts, straight lifts, platform lifts, wheelchair lifts, and home elevators.

    These solutions represent a gateway to increased independence for homeowners in Buffalo. Our company is committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and safety features, ensuring dependable and secure vertical transportation for homeowners.

    With a spotlight on straight and Curved lifts, we provide a pathway for all to access all levels and areas of the home.  The versatile nature of our lift solutions is top-notch, with options designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

    Access Elevator of Buffalo’s goal is to effectively overcome mobility barriers and foster unhindered movement. Our meticulous attention to the homeowners’ needs reflects their dedication to aesthetics, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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    Straight Stairlifts

    Straight stairlifts are a convenient and reliable solution for individuals with mobility challenges, offering seamless accessibility within homes. These stairlifts are designed to effortlessly traverse straight staircases, granting users the freedom to move between different levels of their residence without any hindrance.

    Engineered with user comfort and safety in mind, these stairlifts are equipped with ergonomic seating, smooth and quiet operation, and advanced safety features. Straight stairlifts blend seamlessly into the home environment while requiring minimal installation modifications.

    As an expert in the field, Access Elevator of Buffalo emphasizes the importance of customized solutions, ensuring that each straight stairlift is tailored to fit the unique layout of the staircase. Whether for elderly individuals, those with mobility impairments, or anyone seeking enhanced accessibility, straight stairlifts stand as a testament to modern engineering, simplifying daily life and fostering independence within the confines of one’s home.

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    Curved Stairlifts

    Curved stairlifts emerge as a remarkable solution for those navigating complex and uniquely shaped staircases. These innovative mobility devices are meticulously designed to glide along curved and intricate stairways, transcending the limitations that unconventional layouts might impose seamlessly.

    Curved stairlifts from Access Elevator exemplify the convergence of ergonomic design and cutting-edge engineering, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride and prioritizing safety through features like obstruction sensors and secure seatbelts. The customization prowess of Access Elevator is evident as the webpage emphasizes tailoring each curved stairlift to the specific curvature and dimensions of the staircase, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

    Such attention to detail reflects the commitment to enhancing accessibility for individuals facing mobility challenges while complementing the home’s aesthetics. Curved stairlifts thus stand as a testament to how modern technology can seamlessly merge with intricate architectural designs, making every corner of a residence accessible and empowering those in need to move freely within their own spaces.

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    Your Buffalo, NY Stairlift Sales Representative

    Matt Kinsley is one of Access Elevator’s top team members.

    He is very well versed with the Buffalo area and is committed to our client’s needs and making them smile. Matt attended Buffalo State College, where he studied sociology. After that, he spent years working in the dental field, aiding in designing and manufacturing custom dental restorations.

    Now he gives New York residents a new reason to smile, aiding in the design and installation of stairlifts that allow clients to remain in the home they love when mobility issues may arise. Matt excels in listening to the client’s needs. If maneuvering your home has become a struggle, call Matt today and allow him to put a smile back on your face!

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    Mathew Kinsley

    Telephone: 716-338-0367


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