Platform Lift and Chair Lifts in Pittsburgh, Rochester, and Syracuse and Surrounding Cities

Are you planning to install a platform lift in your home? Then, delay no more and feel free to get in touch with Accesselevator, one the most successful names in the industry. We are happy to provide our customers with the apt accessibility and home elevator solutions equipped with the latest technology and modern design. In the meanwhile, read this blog to know some of the amazing things about platform lifts and their usability in modern homes and commercial buildings.

 2 Important things to know about platform lifts

  1. It is specially designed for those who are confined to wheelchairs

A platform lift is essentially designed to help people who are confined to their wheelchairs especially the older members of the family to traverse up and down the stairs. A few years ago, when this invention was not yet discovered, people in a wheelchair had to seek the help of others to carry them up or down the stairs which were really hard as well as time-consuming. Thanks to the invention of vertical wheelchair lifts or platform lifts, such problem has been addressed and solved. Now they are widely used for their characteristic comfort, safety, and structural superiority. Whether you are at home, office or any buildings, the availability of this kind of lift will make sure that you can access the stairs with ease without anybody’s help.

  1. Platform lifts and their types

Platform lifts basically look like a normal elevator but is structurally built to carry wheelchairs. There are those that are electrically supplied and there is another type that that works hydraulically. The electrical type is the most popular, while the latter is less expensive and does not require electric power to work. You can take your pick among the types depending on your budget and lifestyle.

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