Trio Lift


The Stiltz Trio – the versatile home lift

The Trio has the same great features of the Duo but in a bigger, even stronger package. This allows it to take up to three passengers and has room for a standard wheelchair.

  • Quick and easy installation; no load bearing wall required
  • Can be installed in as little as two days
  • Place almost anywhere in the home; wherever is most convenient for access downstairs and upstairs
  • Quieter and faster than any other through the floor elevator
  • 12 square feet footprint for greater capacity than the Duo home lift
  • Very low power consumption; just a regular 110v outlet is needed

Available with every Stiltz Trio lift:

  • White exterior with woven charcoal color carpet interior
  • All safety features including full-height light curtain, top and bottom safety pans, overweight, speed and out of balance sensors, hold to run control and unique fall arrest mechanism
  • Unique half-height automatic glass saloon doors The aesthetically pleasing doors also reduce the footprint of the cumbersome full swing alternatives
  • Two remote control units to call the lift from any floor
  • Standard rear chromed grab rail which gives the user easy access to the lift
  • Internal LED Down Lights which turn on and off when the user enters and exits the lift
  • Two-year parts warranty