Access Elevator is involved for the second year in a row in Pittsburgh’s Ultimate House.

Access Elevator Sponsors Pittsburgh Magazine’s Ultimate House

The concept of corporate responsibility has been gaining more and more traction over recent years. As we all know, companies are in business to make profits, but they can also make a difference in the communities they serve. Our company, Access Elevator, is a leading provider of stairlifts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we also sell and install top quality home elevators in Pittsburgh. We have been able to enjoy a good bit of success over the years, and we are in a position to give something back to the Pittsburgh community. We are always looking for opportunities to pitch in when charitable efforts are underway. With this in mind, we are proud to announce that we are a co-sponsor of Pittsburgh Magazine’s 2016 Ultimate House initiative. We were also involved in 2015, and we jumped at the opportunity to lend a hand once again. image010 (1) image011 (1)

Here is how the Ultimate House project works. Pittsburgh Magazine endeavors to determine the building project that can best be described as the “ultimate house,” a home that is so extraordinary people would want to tour it. This year, the magazine named the 2500 Smallman development as the ultimate house of 2016. The project was a transformative one that turned an aging warehouse into eleven separate city homes, but these are not ordinary places of residence. We are talking about the lap of luxury at 2500 Smallman. Totally state-of-the-art, energy-efficient, sustainable concepts were used on this renewal project, so residents enjoy a decidedly modern, upscale lifestyle. Pure excellence on every level is something that would certainly be expected when you consider the fact that these are multimillion dollar homes.

Since the homes on 2500 Smallman are architectural marvels that many people would love to see, there is a fundraising opportunity there, and that’s where the Ultimate House project comes in. Starting on September 9th, tours of the 2016 Ultimate House will be offered, and they will continue through September 18th. Proceeds from the tours are going to assist a very good cause. The beneficiary of the project is the The Free Care Fund at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. Last year, the Ultimate House generated over $100,000 for the hospital.

Our valued customers make our participation in projects like this one possible. If you are looking for stair lifts in Pittsburgh, or home elevators in Pittsburgh, we will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, because we genuinely care about people in this community.

Elevators in Buffalo, Ithaca, Rochester and Syracuse, NY

How people can benefit by installing the best elevators?

Lifts help to remove the hassle of walking up countless stairs, thereby saving a person’s wasted energy and time in the process. Although this may be an excellent advantage, but it is not the sole reason why it is considered a great addition to any building. In fact an elevator’s very nature means it is an excellent means of saving space. It is also extremely useful for people suffering from mobility problems or ensuring a hassle-free means of getting heavy or large goods up onto the higher floors. We at Access Elevator offer the widest range of elevators and at the best industry rates. Our service areas include the different parts of Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse.

Ways in which people can benefit by installing an elevator

  • It will help in preventing accidents. In fact the total number of times people hurt them falling down stairs truly is innumerable while the accidents involving an elevator are rare, rather almost unheard of.
  • The perks of installing an elevator are endless and if you have not yet installed them because of concerns such as space or finance, be rest assured these are space saving and within your budget.
  • It will offer old aged people or people with mobility problems the independence as well as freedom of living a respectful and dignified life without having to depend on others
  • It is available in a wide array of models and specifications to cater the variegated needs and budgets of the people

For businesses, using any of our elevator will act as the best means to ensure that guests and employees feel comfortable and at ease while for residences it can overcome the different issues that people residing in it may face. Ultimately, people can benefit all devoid of a single drawback. Hence invest in the best elevator from Access Elevator and live a hassle free life.

Curved Chair lifts in Ithaca, NY and Morgantown, WV

Discover the real benefits of using curved chair lifts

If you or any of your loved ones need somebody else’s assistance to move in or struggling with the simple day to day tasks, then the best option will be to consider a curved chair lift. We at Access Elevator offer a wide range of curved chair lifts to people residing in and around Buffalo, Pittsburg and Syracuse. Our chair lifts benefit from the modern design along with the cutting edge innovations in manufacturing. Over the years we have sufficed the needs of innumerable people with our chair lifts.

Its different uses

A curved chair lift can be utilized in various forms of stairs such as,

  • Straight stairs
  • Multiple stair levels
  • Stairs that feature pie shaped stairs or are curved
  • Stairs which change direction and in any way
  • Stairs having an intermediate landing

A curved chair lift will help in keeping you safe and thereby offer you or your dear ones with the ultimate peace of mind. It comes with seat swivel features which will safely swivel one to face the stairs or face the landing. Besides the backup power feature which is equipped with these lifts will ensure that a person will not get trapped on the stairway during a power outage. In fact, there are some models that come with inbuilt sensors which will help in stopping the climber when something is on the stairway. Every curved chair lift that we offer is made of supreme quality materials and backed by a lifetime limited warranty. No matter for whom you need this lift, he/she will experience peace of mind learning that the vital parts like the power supply, the rail and the gear/motor box are indeed covered for life. So if you are in need of these lifts then calling our experts right away will be a wise decision.


Home elevators in Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburg and Syracuse, NY

Home elevators provide access, mobility, safety and convenience

Home elevators or more in demand than ever before. They are no longer seen as a high-ticket item only available to the rich or famous. In fact, in many cases they provide important mobility solutions for elderly or handicapped people. Access Elevators is a recommended suppliers and installer of residential elevators in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Pittsburg and they can help you with the right mobility solution for your home.

A home elevator not only offers mobility solutions; it makes it easier to move things from one level to another. If it has become difficult or dangerous to navigate a flight of stairs, a home elevator could be the solution you need. In addition, a home elevator is a sound financial investment that will increase the value and marketability of your property.

When looking for home elevators it is a good idea to consult with experts such as Access Elevator. They have decades of experience in the mobility market and they know what will or won’t work in your situation. They carefully choose suppliers and product lines so you can be confident that the home elevators they install have been thoroughly tested and comply with important building and safety standards.

A home elevator means stairs are no longer an obstacle. Now you can enjoy the ease and freedom of movement in your home that you need and deserve. In addition, home elevators add to the beauty and allure of your home. With many design options a home elevator will blend in with the décor and style of your home, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Now you might think you need a great deal of space and home reconstruction to accommodate an elevator. But that is not correct – with the new in shaft motor housing a home elevator from Access takes far less space than most people would think possible.


Chairlifts and stairway lifts in Rochester and Syracuse, NY

Chair lifts for all types of stairs and homes

They are known by different names such as chair lifts, stair lifts and stair chairs but they all refer to the same thing that makes it possible for handicapped people to navigate a flight of stairs. Access Elevator is a respected name in the mobility and accessibility business and they sell and install Stannah chair lifts in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Pittsburg.

There are a number of options within the Stannah range of stair lifts. For example, the compact and easy you use Stannah Senna or the elegant custom Stannah Starla. Whether you have straight stairs in Buffalo, curved stairs in Rochester, outdoor stairs in Syracuse or stairs with intermediate landings in Pittsburgh, there is a stair lift solution for you. It does not matter what kind of stair case you have. A chair lift runs along a rail that is attached to the stair case and this solution can accommodate just about any type of staircase, straight or curved.

You also have a range of choices such as between new and used, between purchase and rental and between models and styles. Chair lifts come in different styles and designs which means you can select a model that fits in with your home décor. You can go for a basic model or a more luxurious one, the choice is all yours.

Whether new or used, chair lifts improve the lives of countless people by providing accessibility to different levels or floors in residential homes.   It does not matter how many times you need to move between floors, your Stannah chair lift will take you up safely and bring you down safely. Stannah chair lifts have remote controls which means you can also call your stair lift if it happens to be on different level and you can also use it to transport light items.

Savaria Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA

Are you looking for top quality Savaria Lifts? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We at Access Elevator offer these lifts in different models and specifications Our superior quality lifts equipped with advanced features are widely used by people residing in and around Buffalo NY, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, NY, and Syracuse, NY. The expert team in our company can advise and assist you on every aspect to select the lift to cater your needs. Our specialty is we also offer bespoke design services, thus you can share with us what is there in your mind and accordingly create a lift for meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Why Choose us?

  • Our best years of expertise in this field allow us in offering services in demanding situations as well. We can offer assorted varieties of lifts for overcoming any issue and our lifts can be easily configured both for outdoor and indoor use. Every lift that we offer is designed carefully to fit into an existing structure with minimal disruption. These low maintenance lifts will offer long-term service and ease of use
  • Every lift we deliver complies with the regulations of the DDA and the appropriate safety standards
  • Our technically advanced lifts and prompt services makes us have an upper hand over others and we take immense pride of our products and services. We are happy in sharing our expertise and provide a no-obligation advice for ensuring that you receive a lift which perfectly meets your needs
  • Along with installation, we also offer maintenance services. This means with us you will be rest assured that should you face any problem our engineers will be there to help you

We at Access Elevator offer a cost effective and simple solution for accessing problems in just every sector. So in order to receive a welcoming and warm lift, get in touch with our professionals right away.

Elevators & Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, PA – Rochester, Syracuse, NY

Are you suffering from disability problem or have an elderly who needs support in this regard? If yes, then help is at hand. We at Access Elevator is a highly reputable company dedicated to working with our clients to help them discover a cost effective and simple means to regain freedom within their home. We cover the different parts of Buffalo NY, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY. Our staffs are highly dedicated to client satisfaction and aim to offer the most cost effective and best elevators and stair lifts both for domestic and commercial purposes. Our customer base includes both the private and public sector and every area of trade- industrial, commercial and residential.

Why Access Elevator is Your Best Choice?

  • We possess a superior level of professional and personal customer service
  • Every stair lift and elevator that we offer comes with a 1 year warranty that will offer you peace of mind
  • Whenever you face any issue with your lifts, you can contact us right away. We are available 24/7/365
  • During the installation process our technicians will be by your side till you are comfortable and at ease with its operation
  • Our staffs monitor the market constantly to offer you with the best industry prices
  • With us you can enjoy a clean, no-mess lift installation
  • At Access Elevator we install only serviced, bench tested and quality reconditioned tested lifts
  • Our extended guarantee is available up to five years
  • We offer timely and prompt service

We at Access Elevator offer the widest range of lifts to cater our customers variegated needs. So be it for your home or workplace we can have you covered. Get in touch with us today and enjoy a life full of freedom. You will surely be benefitted.

Stair Lifts in Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse

Elevators and stair lifts give you greater freedom whilst adding value to your home

You don’t need to let mobility issues prevent form enjoying full access and freedom of your home. Home elevators and stair lifts are much more affordable these days and can solve obstacles posed by stair cases and stairways. If you have a multi-level home in Buffalo NY, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY and need solutions to your mobility problems then Access Elevator can help. They supply and install affordable home mobility solutions such as elevators, platform lifts and stair chairs.

Gone are the days when home elevators were considered a luxury and only available to the rich and the wealthy. Home elevators are often a necessity and they are more affordable than you might think. In fact, home elevators are now common place in multi-level construction. You don’t have to sell your home or invest in expensive home alterations in order to have an elevator or stair lift installed. Access an install a custom elevator to match the size and décor of your home. Their home elevators are both aesthetically pleasing, functional and affordable. Apart from solving basic mobility issues, home elevators will also make it easier and more convenient to cart parcels and packages between different floors in your home.

Stair lifts are also popular home mobility products. The lifts simply attach to your stair case and can then conveniently transport you or a loved one up or down a flight of stairs. It does not matter whether you have straight stair or curved stairways, there are stair lifts for both scenarios. And it only takes a couple of hours to install your stair lift – no expensive alterations; minimum disruption; no hassle, no fuss.

Home elevators and stair lifts are safe and easy to use and will solve your mobility issues. They provide you with greater freedom and independence whist adding value to your home as well.


Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse, NY Elevator, Savaria lifts

Savaria lifts help people move with greater ease

Cutting edge products such as Savaria lifts help people who suffer from mobility issues. Whether you need easy access to upper levels of your home or easy access to a wheelchair van, Savaria lifts can help. Access Elevators are accredited suppliers of Savaria lifts in Buffalo NY, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY. They offer mobility solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. Whether you need a stair lift, a basic elevator or a luxurious one, they have the right mobility products and solutions for you.

Mobility products such as stair lifts, platform lifts, home elevators, commercial elevators and van conversions all serve to help people move with greater ease and dignity.   There are many different types of mobility products and you can also get custom solutions that will address your specific mobility issues as well as your tastes and preferences.

For example a home elevator can simply add to convenience and make it easier for you to move stuff between different levels of your home. Home elevators can also solve mobility issues for people who have difficulty with stair cases. Whether you need to cart luggage, equipment, laundry or other items between different levels, a home elevator will make things a lot easier. Home elevators can be basic, mid-range or even luxurious.

Stair lifts and platform lifts are also useful and important products in the Savaria range. These products are specifically designed for home use and can easily transport you up or down a flight of stairs or provide you with outside access to upper levels of your home.

There is also a whole range of Savaria lifts and mobility solutions designed for commercial or public use. Limited access elevators, Multi lifts, vertical platform lifts and inclined platform lifts can be used in schools, shopping centers, office blocks and similar places.



Safety tips for Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh and Syracuse, NY

3 most common problems faced with stair lifts

Love your new abode in NY but fear climbing and down your staircase? Frequently climbing up and down the stairs in a house to do everyday household chores is a potential hazard for most elderly people or those with physical disabilities. In order to cater to the needs of all those people suffering from reduced mobility, various kinds of modern residential stair lifts are available in the market to be more independent and self-sufficient. An energy-efficient stair lift, one of the most cost-effective ways to climb up and down the stairs, especially for those seniors or handicapped currently living on a tight budget should be installed by experienced professionals like us at Access Elevator. However, just like new elevators, new stair lift models that have been out in the market in Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse in NY recently too operates without service issues and thus tend to have more problems as given below:

  1. Bottom of the stairs– One of the most common problems faced with stair lifts are:
  • The seat of the stair lift is not locked properly.
  • Somewhere along the track of the staircase, the footrest has hit an obstruction to the stair lift mechanism.
  • When the chassis has extended beyond the final limit switch, it means the final limit switch has been tripped.
  1. Top of the stairs- Provided if your stair lift is battery operated stair lift and you haven’t yet brought the stair lift to the end of the track to engage the charging strip, then your stair lift will malfunction at the top of the staircase.
  2. Somewhere along the track- In addition to power supply, a major obstacle on the stairs having tripped a sensor in the footrest is a serious problem to stair lifts. . It is not common for a battery-operated stair lift to stop along the track. It means that your battery has drained off.

Just like your HVAC system, a stair lift should be serviced and maintained properly. If serviced and maintained properly, they would not have a major impact on your electricity bill.