Ithaca NY, Rochester NY, Pittsburgh PA Curved Stair Lifts

Stair lifts do not only work with straight stairs. Your also get stair lifts for curves stairs as well as stairs with intermediate landings. Access Elevator supplies and installs curved stair lifts throughout Ithaca NY, Morgantown WV, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse.
A stair lift glides along a track that is attached to your staircase. So, if your staircase poses a mobility problem for you or a loved one, there is a solution, even if you have a curved staircase. The tracks are specifically designed for various stair cases. Curved stair lifts basically travel along a track designed to go around corners and curves. You can even get tracks for a spiral staircase. In fact, the team at Access Elevators have said they still waiting to come across a staircase they cannot attach a stair lift to.
When you are ready to order your stair chair, an installer will do an onsite inspection, take accurate measurements and use advanced photo survey technology to ensure you get the track and stairlift that is right for you and your home. Whether you have straight stairs or curved stairs, the installation only takes a few hours. You don’t need expensive home remodeling or alterations
Curved stair lifts have helped countless people regain freedom of movement in your home. With a stair lift you can easily navigate a flight of stairs in your home. Curved stairlifts can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Curved stair lifts also have some nifty and useful features.
These include continuous charge, power swivel, powered footplate, remote control and several safety features. The batteries are always charging so even if the power is out your stairlift will still work. Curved stair lifts are easy to operate ad have several failsafe features. Remote control also enables multi-user use.

Ithaca NY, Rochester NY, Pittsburgh PA Curved Stair Lifts from Access Elevator are the best in the business. Call today for more details.

Chair lifts in Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse.

Being unable to freely move the stairs up and down, especially at home can lower your morale. But not any longer. We at Access Elevator can offer you the best solution in the form of chair lifts. This will act as an excellent helping hand for physically challenged and aging people who fail to walk on the stairway by themselves. The staffs in our company are extremely talented and friendly and will assist you to choose a model that best fits your situation and budget. Our service areas include the different parts of Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh, Rochester , and Syracuse.

Benefits galore

When you install a chair lift at home, you can enjoy the following benefits namely,

  • People with mobility issues can access the stairs anytime they desire
  • It can be used to move laundry both up and down, thereby making household chores easier
  • These lifts are vast and robust and provides enough support
  • It comes with a safety belt, which means you can enjoy peace of mind as far as the safety of your loved one is concerned
  • There cannot be a better way to allow your aging family members enjoy their freedom and independence than installing a chair lift at home and allow them to move about freely
  • Compared to building a new room downstairs or settling for a bungalow, installing a chair lift will be a far more cost effective choice. As these come in assorted prices, designs, shapes and sizes just pick one as per your preference and budget
  • This is an extremely flexible choice as these lifts can fit almost all forms of stairs easily

Hurry, install these lifts today and give your aging loved ones the gift of independence, safety, convenience and absolute peace of mind. Contact Access Elevator to learn more about chair lifts in Pittsburgh and  Erie, PA and Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Ithaca, NY


Stairway lifts in Pittsburgh, PA, Syracuse, Rochester NY

Do you get the feeling of a prisoner living in your home as you cannot freely climb up and get down the stairs? Then there is good news for you. We at Access Elevator can help. With us you can find a wide range of lifts, of which it is our stairway lifts that is the maximum in demand. Be rest assured when you install these lifts in your home it will work wonders to help you recover your mobility. It is compact which means it will not occupy much space and when not in use, simply fold it and keep it aside. The different areas that we serve include Erie, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, NY.

Why choose a stairlift from Access Elevator?

Below are top 3 reasons as to why investing in a stairlift makes sense. These include,

  • Prevents slips and accidents, all round safety- Stairs are the most dangerous part of the home. Our lifts will help to keep you secure as well as make you feel secure when you use them.
  • Mobility and independence- the moment you go near the stairs you struggle thinking of all the anxiety and effort to climb the stairs up and down. But with our Stairlifts you will no longer hesitate in taking the stairs up and down again. This way you can move freely and at the same time enjoy mobility and independence
  • Trusted and reliable- when you choose us to buy your lifts, you will always receive excellent customer service. Being a family owned and operated company, we always put your interests along with the accurate services first, every time

To know more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. For your convenience, we are available at your service around the clock both online and over the phone. Call Access Elevator for stairway lifts in Erie, Pittsburgh, PA, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, NY, and for curved stair lifts in Pittsburgh, PA.

Wheelchair lift services in Rochester and Syracuse NY

You don’t need to let accessibility problems get the better of you. There are some great solutions for people who suffer from mobility issues. A wheelchair lift is one of them. Wheelchair lifts are designed to overcome everyday architectural barriers and obstacles. Once such a product is a vertical wheelchair lift. The Access wheelchair lift helps you overcome the staircase barrier.


A vertical wheelchair lift can give you the access you need –  at home and at work. Access Elevator specialises in mobility products and solutions and their vertical wheelchair lift is an industry leader.  They supply a range of wheelchair lifts to meet the diverse needs of their customers. One of their mobility experts will advise regarding the best wheelchair lift for your circumstances and preferences.


One of their popular models is the platform lift which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A platform lift offers a cost-effective solution for wheelchair users. This product is easy to install and provides convenient access without breaking the bank or compromising the architectural character of your home. It is also equipped with safety features such as non-skid surface, emergency stop and alarm, grab rails and more.


Another popular option is the shaftway model. The lift platform and drive tower are located within the hoist way and each landing has an integrated door or gate. If you prefer a fully enclosed product, then the VPC-EL platform lift will be of interest. This lift travels up and down inside a self-contained enclosure. Another interesting model is the hybrid wheelchair lift. This product looks like an elevator but operated the same as a wheelchair lift.


Each type of wheelchair lift has its pros and cons and it is always a good idea to get expert advice before making a final decision. The professional team at Access Elevator will be happy to provide you with the advice and mobility solutions you need.

Stannah stair lifts in Erie & Pittsburgh PA

Stannah stair lifts have helped countless people overcome mobility issues in their multi-level homes.  If you have difficulty navigating a flight of stair, Access Elevator can help you with the right Stannah Stair Lift. A stair lift glides along a tract attached to your staircase. This means you just need to get into to chair, press a button or two and you will be transported from one level to another.

You get Stannah stair lifts for straight stairs, curved stairs and even stairs with intermediate landings. In fact, the team at Access Elevator say they are still to find the staircase to which they cannot attach a stairlift.

You also have choices in models and designs. You get entry level models, fancy models and in-between model. That means there is a stair chair that matches your taste and budget. Whatever model you select, you will always get some great features that help ensure safety and ease of use.

For example, the batteries have a continuous charge. You don’t have to worry where on the track you might have left the stair chair. The batteries will still charge.  Battery operation also means you won’t get stuck when the power is out.

Power swivel is another useful feature which makes it easier to exit or dismount the chair. Easy fold-up means the stairs can be left clear for others to use.  Remote control means you stairlift can serve more than one user. You can basically call your stairlift with a push of a button in the same way that you will call an elevator.

If you want a cost-effective way to have full access to all floors in your home, then a Stannah stair lift can help you do just that. The experienced and helpful team at Access Elevator are experts in Stannah stair lifts and will help you make the right decision.


Stair lifts, stairway lifts in Pittsburgh, PA, Syracuse, NY

The specialty of curved stair lifts

Your search for a company that offers the best and the widest range of curved stair lifts will end with us at Access Elevator. This will be a necessity for those having a curving staircase. No house is designed keeping in mind the need of a stair lift. So if the staircase in your house has corners, goes around bends or possess other unusual features our Stairlifts will act as a savior. After surveying your home our staffs will recommend a model that best fits your needs and if the need be can also custom design one for you. Our service areas include the ins and outs of Buffalo, Ithaca, NY, Morgantown WV, Pittsburgh and Syracuse.

Benefits galore

Below is a list of some of the practical benefits of installing a curved stair lift. These include,

  • It is designed for fitting around your abode instead of compelling you in changing your daily routines or surroundings
  • It comes with lap belts and remote controls which indicates that the user will be in control throughout thereby offering you peace of mind
  • It comes with a fully padded seat along with a backrest thereby offering the user with utmost comfort
  • The biggest benefit to install these lifts at home is that it will offer your elderly loved ones with independence and freedom. They can access the stairs at home with ease and there is no danger of an accident
  • Last but not the least it comes with a lockable switch to prevent others to use it. This is especially beneficial for children who may be tempted into using it without supervision. Further, there is the ability of calling or sending the lift either to the bottom or top of the stairs if there are more than one user in your home

To learn more speak to our team of experts today.


Chair lifts in Buffalo, Syracuse, NY and Pittsburgh, PA

Check out the significant attributes of chair lifts

Lift chairs or chair lifts are used especially by immobilized people, aged people and people who find it difficult either to stand or sit because of body pain. In fact, using these lifts will offer mobility, independence and comfortable posture. We at Access Elevator offer these lifts in different makes and models which means you are sure to find one that suits your needs and budget best. The best part is these chairs can be clubbed along with a recliner for moving people up as well as down the staircase. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Buffalo, Morgantown, WV, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse, NY.

A quick look at its amazing features

  • These lifts come in different varieties so you have the flexibility of choosing the covering and color for decorating the chair. It can be fitted with different fabrics and leather
  • Resting on whether the user is right or left handed they can choose chair lift having a handheld controller as per their comfort
  • Although it may seem pricey at the first go, but it is an absolute value for money because it is durable and needs minimal maintenance
  • People suffering from weak knees, waist, ankle and other joints can reap ultimate perks from this medical chair. Besides senior citizens who are suffering from any form of chronic disease or met with an accident can also benefit from it

A chair lift is the best gift that you can present to your elderly loved ones. In fact, this is a vital need in any household. For more information on our products and services and how it can help you please feel free to contact us through phone or mail. We look forward to help you in every step of the way to allow you in making an informed decision.


Stannah stair lifts in Erie, Pittsburgh, PA and Ithaca, NY

Stannah stair lifts give you options and independence

Stannah stair lifts enable you to take control of your stairs and regain access to all levels of you home. Access Elevator is an authorized supplier and installer of Stannah stairlifts in Erie, Ithaca NY, Morgantown WV and Pittsburgh. They have the right stair chair for you, your budget and your home.

There are countless people with mobility issues and who have difficulty negotiating a flight of stairs. You don’t have to let a staircase get the better of you. Stannah stair lists provide an affordable, safe and practical way to move from one floor in your home to another. It does not matter whether you need to go up or down, your Stannah stair chair will transport you safely from one level to another.

You don’t need to worry whether a chair lift will work with your stairs. Stannah have a wide range of chair lifts and they can fit a track to just about any type of staircase; narrow, wide, straight, curved, with intermediate landings and so on.

If you are looking for reliability, pleasing aesthetics, safety and affordability, then there is a Stannah stair glide with your name on it. You also have different choices and options related to upholstery, style and optional features.

Stair lifts are affordable and cost will depend on the type of staircase you have, the requires features as well as the style and design. You get basic entry level model and you get fancy models and you get those that are in-between. That means there is a stair chair that is just right for you.

You also have financing options such as hire purchase, lease or rental. Your Access Elevator consultant will gladly help you make the right decisions when it comes to a stair lift for your home.



Stair lifts in Morgantown, WV, Pittsburgh, PA, Syracuse, NY

Stair lifts offer affordable and safe mobility solutions

Stair lifts help countless people solve mobility issues in multi-level homes. If you need an affordable mobility solution in your multi-story home in Ithaca NY, Morgantown WV, Pittsburgh, Rochester or Syracuse, then Access Elevator can help. They are leaders in accessibility equipment and they have the right mobility solution for you.

Stair lifts are also known by other names such as stair chairs, stair glides and lift chairs. They all refer to the same thing and provide the same solution. A stair lift is a chair that glides along a track attached to a staircase. This enabled a person with mobility issues to easily move from one level in a home or building, to another.

There are of course many different makes and models such as the Stannah Sienna, the Stannah Starla. You get basic designs and you get fancy designs. You will always be able to find a star lift that matches he décor and style of your home. You also get stairlifts designed for specific types of stairs, such as straight stairs and curved stairs. So, you don’t have to worry if you have curved stairs or stairs with intermediate landings – there is a chair lift solution for you.

Stair lifts solve mobility and accessibility problem. With the right stair chair solution, you will be able to access and floor in your home. Whether you need go up a flight of stair or come down, a chair lift will transport you easily and safely form one level to another. Stair lifts are perfectly safe and have built-in safety features such as seat belts, obstruction sensors and stopping mechanisms.

Stair lifts are affordable and there are also finance options such as lease and rental. A professional mobility company such as Access Elevator will help you with the right decisions and options.


Elevators in Pittsburgh, PA, Rochester and Syracuse, NY

Top 5 benefits of installing elevators

Elevators especially home elevators until recently was regarded as a luxury or a medical necessity. But with changes in one’s lifestyle and a drop in the price of the equipment as well as installation charges, the majority of the homeowners is installing it in their homes for different reasons. If you need an elevator, then contact us at Access Elevators right away. Our experts will help you choose the most appropriate model and also teach you how to operate the same. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Ithaca, NY, Morgantown, WV, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse, NY.

The top 5 benefits of installing an elevator

  • Functionality- It can help to simplify life and minimize the day to day re-occurring movements of having to climb up stairs. To carry things up and down daily can be really tiresome. But with an elevator things will become simpler. It will also prove beneficial for people suffering from mobility issues.
  • Saves on space- compared to stairwells, a home elevator occupies less space
  • Increase the value of the property- it will act as a good investment for many thereby helping them to boost up their home’s resale value. In fact, most home buyers get attracted to homes easily that are accessible via elevators
  • Security- the most vital advantage of installing an elevator at home is the safety which it provides to all residing in the home. It can be extremely helpful for older people, children and frailer people that find it difficult to move up and down the stairs. The best part is it will help to reduce common accident cases such as falling down or tripping over the stairs
  • Style- it can add a stylish touch to a home.

A home elevator in today’s age is no longer reserved only for the affluent people. It is time that you install it in your home. To know more about our products and services get in touch with us today.