Stairway Lifts in Buffalo, Ithaca NY, Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse and Nearby Cities

Access Elevator supplies and installs stairway lifts in Buffalo, Ithaca NY, Morgantown NY, Pittsburgh, Rochester and Syracuse. They specialise in mobility solutions and can help you with the right stair lift for your home. You don’t need to be limited to a single level in your home because of difficulty with stairs. A stairway lift can solve your mobility issues and give you easy access to all levels and floors in your home.

You don’t have to worry that a stairway lift might not work with your staircase. You get stairway lifts for straight staircase, curved stair cases and even stair cases with intermediate landings. A stair lift runs or glides on a track attached to your staircase. In fact, the team at Access is known to have said they have not yet found a staircase to which they could not attach a stair lift. They can help you no matter the size, shape or angle of your staircase.

Stairway lifts provide a cost-effective way to move between different levels in your home. Access Elevator supplies the Stannah range of stair lifts and there are many options to choose from. You can get new or used stairway lifts. You can purchase outright, go for a lease or even a rental. There are also several models to choose from.

You get compact and easy to use models such as the Stannah Sienna and you get luxurious models such as the Stannah Starla and you get those in-between. When you combine the manufacturing excellence of Stannah with installation expertise of Access, you get a mobility solution that work perfectly for you.

Stairway lifts enable people to enjoy all levels of their home by provide a safe and easy way to commute between different levels in your home.

Chair Lifts and Stair Lifts in Pittsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse and Surrounding Areas

If you have problems navigating a flight of stairs in your multi-level home the Access Elevator has a solution for you. They are mobility specialists and can help you with chair lifts in Buffalo, Ithaca NY, Morgantown NY, Pittsburgh, Rochester or Syracuse. With the right chair lift you can regain your freedom and easily access any level or floor in your home.

Chair lifts are called by different names including stair lifts, stairway lifts, stair glides and stair chairs. Whatever you call them, they do the same thing – they transport you safely and easily from one floor to another. Chair lifts are affordable, safe and easy to use. They are remote controlled, so your chair lift will always be in reach. If you happen to be on a different floor, you can simply use your remote to summons your chair.

Access Elevator are master installers of mobility products such as stair chairs and home elevators. They supply the Stannah range of chair lifts and there are many options. Your get chair lifts for straight stair, curved stairs, and even stairs with intermediate landings. So, it does not matter whether you have a wide staircase, a narrow stair case, a curved staircase or a steep stair case, they have the right chair lift for you.

Chair lifts have several safety features including battery back, auto sensors, seat belt, obstruction sensors, swivel lock, pressure control and more. That means you don’t need to worry about getting stuck between floors, falling out of your chair or overs shooting the end of the track.

There are also different models at different price points such as the entry level compact Stannah Sienna or the more luxurious Stannah Starla. That means there is a chair lift to suit your wallet.

Stairway Lifts in Syracuse, Pittsburg, Ithaca NY, and the Surrounding Areas

If you struggle to negotiate a staircase in your home, then stairway lifts can solve your problem. Access Elevator supplies and installs stairway lifts through the country. Stairway lifts are called different things such as stair chairs, stair lifts, stair glides and chair lifts. Whatever you call them, they do the same thing – transport you effortlessly between different levels in your home. 

The Stannah range of stairway lifts are popular. They have stair chairs for straight stairs, curved stairs, outdoor stairs, wide stairs, narrow stairs as well as stair cases with intermediate landings. The team at Access have said they still have to find a staircase to which they can’t attach a stair glide. 


A stair lift glides on a track attached to your staircase. You just need to sit on the chair, press a button and off you go. Stairway lifts have remote controls, so you can call your stair chair even if it is on a different level. 


Access Elevator supplies and installs the Stannah range of stairway lifts. Popular models include the Stannah Sienna and Stannah Starla. The Sienna has different seta styles such as narrow or wide. Longer arm rests provide additional comfort and support. 


The Starla is a more luxurious model with added comfort, easy access and extra safety. For example, the footrest raises and lowers at the push of a button, making it easier to get in and out of the chair. The stair also won’t move until you are properly seated. This works through weight detection. 

If you have mobility issues such as problems climbing a staircase, Access Elevator has a solution for you. This could be in the form of stairway lifts, wheelchair lifts or home elevators. They can provide you with cost-effective mobility products such as a Stannah stair lift. 


Stiltz Elevator in Buffalo, Erie, Ithaca NY, and the Surrounding Areas

Access Elevator supplies and installs the popular range of Stiltz elevators throughout the country. A Stiltz elevator is a popular and economical alternative to stair lifts and other traditional elevators. You don’t need to move home due to mobility problems when a Stiltz elevator can solve those problems. If you have problems climbing stairs and accessing all levels of your home, then you should consider an affordable Stiltz Elevator. 

When looking for a home elevator there are some important things to consider. These include space and footprint, cost, safety, noisiness and aesthetics. The Stiltz home elevator scores well on all these points. With a small footprint the Stiltz elevator does not require much space. This low-cost elevator is a suitable alternative to other mobility products such as stair chairs and traditional home elevators. All the models in the Stiltz range incorporate important safety features such as safety curtain, safety pan, safety sensors, electromechanical interlock and battery backup. These lifts operate quietly so you will experience virtually zero elevator noise.  

There 3 models in the Stiltz range.  

  • The popular Duo 
  • The Stiltz Vista 
  • The Stiltz Trio 

The popular Duo is the original Stiltz product. It does not require a supporting wall and cab be installed just about anywhere in your home. With a small footprint this compact elevator can be installed in under 2 days. 

If you like a contemporary look then the Stilt Vista is what you want. It has the same features as the DUO, but its transparent and strong polycarbonate body makes it smart and stylish. 

If you need a bigger more powerful elevator, then the Stiltz Trio is the way to go. This model can take 3 passengers and can accommodate a normal wheelchair. 

If you need a home mobility solution then Access Elevator can help you with a functional and cost-effective Stiltz elevator.  

Wheelchair Lift, Stair Lifts, Platform Lift, and Enclosed Wheelchair Lift

Do you think it is time you installed a wheelchair lift in your home for your elderly parents? If so, there is a good chance that you are asking yourself several questions about how you can choose the best model or how to install the same safely at your home. A wheelchair lift can be a very powerful accessibility option for someone who has mobility issues or disabilities. Keeping this in mind, we, at Access Elevators, have come up with various kinds of wheelchair lift models that will help people with disabilities to move around freely.

Of course, choosing the perfect wheelchair lift for your needs can be a lot more complicated than it seems. To help you make the right decision, we have put together a few important and useful tips that you can use for choosing your wheelchair lift. Read on to know more.

• Begin by Looking at the Ceiling Height- The first thing you would need to consider before choosing a vertical/inclined wheelchair lift for your space is to determine how much space you need in terms of height. While it’s true that almost all wheelchair lifts available today can be adjusted to fit within your property, there is always a good chance that you will be able to find the specific model after you have evaluated your ceiling heights.

• Think about the Floor Space- Whether you choose vertical or inclined wheelchair lift, you will need to think carefully about the floor space as this will help you determine the type of model that you must choose. If there is not enough floor space for your wheelchair lift, then you might need to think about looking at smaller models.

• Focus on Safety- Last but surely not the least, it is important to take time to explore all the available safety features that come as a part of your wheelchair experience. While many wheelchair lifts come with their own buttons for movement, you may want to select specific lifts that come with their own distinct extras like nonskid platform surface, landing interlocks amongst others.

Therefore, now that you are aware of the tips when opting for a wheelchair lift, make sure to use it to the best of your advantage while making the purchase. And if you would like to buy these from us, kindly contact our professionals at the earliest.

Vacuum Elevator, Symmetry Elevator, Stiltz Elevator, and Elevators

Have you been recently hunting for highly functioning stair lifts and vacuum elevators? Well, your search ends right here as we, at Access Elevator, is among the top home lift suppliers in the industry. We provide a variety of different services which can range from anything as residential elevators to wheelchair lifts and stair lifts as well. We assure to provide you with nothing but exceptional customer service and easy to use products. Whether you are an elderly person with limited mobility or a homeowner interested in adding convenience to their property, we have different products in all shapes and sizes that would suit your needs and would also fit within your home.

Read on to get a brief idea about the products that you can avail from Access Elevator. Take a look.

• Residential Elevators- While home elevators were seen as a luxury item in the past, today’s home elevators are more of a necessity. Home elevators can provide a safe and convenient way to access every floor of a home. With more than 30 years of experience, we have committed to providing some of the best residential as well as vacuum elevators and our commitment to craftsmanship, expert engineering, thoughtful construction and affordability makes residential elevators an even more valuable product for your home.

• Wheelchair Lifts- Since accessibility is important, all our wheelchair lift products are designed to overcome architectural barriers. As everyone’s needs are different, we offer an array of wheelchair lift models. From the Unenclosed and Enclosed wheelchair lift to Hybrid wheelchair lift, we have something in it for everyone that would fit with your needs and lifestyle.

• Stair Lifts- Whether you are looking for a new, used, rental or lease in curved or straight stair list, we have got you covered. The stair lifts that we offer is a safe and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down the stairs. Some of the key features include seat belt, folding rail, obstruction sensors, among others. Therefore, you can count on our services as we leave no stones unturned in delivering the perfect solution to our customers.

Now, that you are aware of the services, what are you waiting for? Contact our professionals at the earliest to avail this convenient and useful equipment at home.

3 Main Tips That Will Help You Find the Right Company for Buying Chair Lifts

If you have a physically handicapped person at home or a really ailing senior citizen who needs help moving around, then chair lifts are an essential for them. Designed to enhance accessibility and make the user’s life more convenient and easy, these exceptional devices are a boon for people. We, at Access Elevator, can deliver you highly functioning, good quality chair lifts and home elevators in and around areas like Erie, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Rochester, and Buffalo. With our finest quality products and brilliant customer service, we are one of the leaders in the topmost home lift and chair lift suppliers.

So, if you want to buy this wonderful device from a company like ours, you have to pay attention to certain details. Check them out.

  1. Product

The first thing to check before purchasing something like this is the quality and features of it. Make sure these are made with robust materials and components so that they can give you or the patient a safe experience. Also, keep an eye on the operation and method of use because it should not be too complicated for the users and can be used at any age by anybody.

  1. Brand Reputation

You certainly cannot invest your time and money in something that gives away too soon or has a customer service too poor. So, in order to avoid such discrepancies, you have to take care of the fact that you only purchase these from reputable and reliable brands. Check the experience of the company in the industry and go through the customer feedbacks either through the testimonial section on the company’s website or by the online ratings available on the internet.

  1. Affordability

There surely must be a budget that you have chalked out for this. So, compare the prices of different companies providing you with this device, and then go for the one that best meets your requirements and suits your budget too. But don’t be in a hurry and randomly select the cheapest; do a thorough research on everything.

Elevators: Vacuum Elevators, LULA Elevators, and Home/Residential Elevators

Access Elevator supplies and installs the latest vacuum elevators from Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC.  These elevators are ideal for residential use. A vacuum elevator relies on advanced air and pneumatic technologies to provide vertical access. The science at work relies on the difference between the atmospheric pressure on the top of the cab and the atmospheric pressure under the cab. The lift is created by the vacuum created by turbines and exhaust fans located at the top of the elevator. This results in a smooth and safe up or down ride.

There are several benefits to a vacuum elevator. These include the following:

  • No machine room needed
  • No pre-construction shaft required
  • No big hole for a pit
  • Can be installed in 2 – 3 days
  • Requires minimal space
  • Cost effective when compared to traditional elevators
  • Energy efficient
  • Only used gravity to descend
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smooth and safe operation
  • Automatically descends to lowest level in the event of power outage
  • Mechanical doors will open to let passengers out

You get 3 models in the PVE range namely 1, 2 and 3 passenger versions. These elevators are also wheelchair accessible. They can service up to 5 stops covering a 50-foot height.

Due to its unique design the vacuum elevator can add accent and functionality to any home. This will increase the value of your home and improve your lifestyle. This makes it a great choice for new construction homes or retrofits.

The vacuum elevator uses cutting edge technology that is changing the way people and goods are moved between different levels within their homes. So, if you have mobility issues or simply want an alternative way to access difference levels of your home then you should consider a vacuum elevator. Access specialized is the supply and installation of vacuum elevators.

Get Elevators: Vacuum Elevators, LULA Elevators, and Home/Residential Elevators. Offering Stairway Lifts, Curved or Straight Stair Lifts – Shaftway, Stiltz, Stannah, Savaria.

Elevators: Lula Elevators, Residential/Home Elevators, and Vacuum Elevators

Lula elevators are designed to meet the highest safety standards for handicapped use. Lula stands for limited application / limited use and provides handicapped accessibility to a low rise low occupancy building. Lula elevators find application in low rise buildings but can also be used in private homes. These elevators are designed to meet the requirement of the ADA (American Disability Act).

Lula elevator is a hybrid between a full-Ssze commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift. They are well suited for application where a traditional passenger elevator won’t be possible or feasible. Typical applications include schools, colleges, churches, multi-family homes, security complexes, libraries and similar buildings. Lula elevators have shallow pit depth, short overhead, LED energy saving lights and directional indicators. They also have smart features such as automatic self-levelling, smooth start and stop, sliding doors, PLC control, quiet operation and more.

Lula elevators can come with wooden cabs, powder coated steel cabs, colored laminate finishing, various car door finishes, fire rated cab gates and more. Safety features include stop switch, emergency lighting, battery backup, safety brakes, emergency manual lowering and more.

Lula elevators also offer financial benefits since they are low-maintenance. The cost of ownership is far lower than a traditional elevator. Like everything else Lula elevators have limitations. These include limitation with respect to vertical travel, weight, capacity and floor space. That is why Lula elevators have a niche market in low rise low occupancy buildings. When it comes to niche its application, Lula elevators are gaining popularity. Lula elevators are now the preferred choice of many architects and developers when planning new constructions or renovations.

Access Elevator supplies and installs Lula elevators country wide. A Lula elevator can provide affordable accessibility in your building be it a school, church, college, small commercial building,  townhouse complex or even a private home.

Get Elevators: Lula Elevators, Residential/Home Elevators, and Vacuum Elevators. Offering Stairway Lifts, Straight or Curved Stair Lifts – Stannah, Stiltz, Savaria, Shaftway.

Choose a Company for Wheelchair Lifts and Residential Elevators

Most of the residents are opting for wheelchair lifts these days because of a simple reason; and that is, it allows smooth mobility of the people who has issues with walking. So, if your old parents have to rely on hired daycare for walking, or if any of your family members is physically handicapped, then you should definitely consider installing a wheelchair lift. Wondering, if there are any companies that can provide you with high-quality devices in and around your area? Don’t worry, as there are many companies that can provide you with this device. But yes, not all of them are reliable enough. If you want to purchase it from a company that only collaborates with the most trusted brands in the market, then Access Elevator should be your go-to company. With around 35 years of experience in our bag, we also deal with other products such as residential elevators, stairlifts, etc. And we take pride in saying that we have already built a very strong customer-base in areas like Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Rochester, etc.

Now, here are two things you need to consider while choosing a company for buying wheelchair lifts. Take a look.

  • Expertise – You can determine the expertise level of a company by checking out their experience in the field, and also their range of products. This is mandatory in order to ensure that there are no risks involved with purchasing a product from that particular company. We, at Access Elevator, make sure that our customers are confident about hiring us. To know more, you can give us a ring at the numbers mentioned on our website, based on your location.
  • Customer Reviews – While choosing a company for buying a wheelchair lift, make sure you go through the customer feedbacks and online ratings, so that you can get an idea about the efficiency of the company, and the quality of the products they sell. For checking our reviews, click on the testimonial tab given on our site.

So, now that you know about the factors to consider, and also that we are a pro at meeting all the factors, why delay more? Contact us now! We will be happy to help you.